Reduslim 2021 Review: Why is this weight loss supplement so popular?


No matter how much you want to lose weight, there are just those days where you just don’t have the time to go to the gym or you just don’t have the willpower to actually prevent yourself from grabbing a quick bite even though you’re not hungry. 

reduslim review

If you’re too busy to exercise, but still want to have an extra burn, Reduslim might just be the fat burner for you. Boasting of eight high quality fat burning and weight loss ingredients in one pill, Reduslim wants you to know that your weight loss efforts are well supported with just one pill a day.

Is Reduslim the right fat burner for you? Let’s go check it out.

About Reduslim

Reduslim is a fat burner sold in Spain and Italy. It claims to provide an effective fat burning potency, promotes a fast metabolism, and suppresses appetite.

  • Familiar ingredients. It’s always nice to know the ingredients you’re looking at.
  • One pill a day. Quite an odd take, since most capsule-based fat burners require at least two. 

Reduslim Review: nutrition label

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Bulking agents: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Silica.

Directions: Only 1 pill a day, with a glass of water. Maintain proper hydration during the day (not less than 1.5 liters of water per day). 

Warning! Do not go beyond the recommended dose! The concentration of active components is designed for exactly 24 hours. To avoid an excessive presence of components, the recommended dose should be followed, do not take more than necessary.

Reduslim Review: ingredients list

In one capsule, Reduslim manages to fit in eight key ingredients. Eight! While we’re not fond of the quantity of ingredients over the quantity of their doses, maybe the people behind Reduslim were able to formulate a fat burning blend that allows for fat burning synergy. Let’s check the ingredients in Reduslim.

  • Caffeine. Of all the ingredients in the supplement world, caffeine is perhaps the one ingredient that needs no introduction. Caffeine is the world’s most consumed drug and is popularly ingested through coffee. Caffeine anhydrous is the synthetic version of this stimulant, and is actually known to not only stimulate your senses, but also help spark the entire body’s fat burning processes. Oftentimes, supplements would splash their formulas with caffeine, as it’s cheap and easily mass produced. However, Reduslim only sprinkled 50 mg into the mix, which is roughly half a cup of coffee. 
  • Green tea extract. Green tea extract is one of the best in the business when it comes to igniting the fat burning mechanism inside our body. It does this through its active compound EGCG. EGCG has been cited for its fat burning and antioxidant properties. The 250 mg dosage is a minimal yet effective dosage.
  • Yacon Root Extract. This root is taken for its intestinal health and the potential to reduce appetite. The problem is there isn’t much scientific data to back its claims. Not to mention it needs more than just a few hundred milligrams to work effectively.
  • Black pepper. Black pepper is a two-way ingredient. First, it helps the body absorb much of the nutrients found in this formula. Second, it also supports the fat burning process overall. 
  • Cayenne pepper. Cayenne is more than just a hot spice that make pizzas taste better. Cayenne helps you feel hotter than usual, and this heat is due to it burning more fat for energy. The hotter you feel, the more effective it is.
  • Acetyl L Carnitine. Acetyl L Carnitine is more of an energy booster than a fat burner. However, it does boost energy metabolism by transporting fatty acids to cell membranes so they can be converted to energy. It also functions as a potent antioxidant as well as an ingredient that can help reduce the symptoms of chronic fatigue.
  • Chromium. Chromium is a mineral that’s often added in tiny doses. How tiny? Not more than 0.5 mg tiny. That’s because even in tiny dosages, chromium can help with suppressing appetite. There’s also some benefits to chromium for the skin as well as hormones.
  • Lipase and Protease. These are digestive enzymes. Digestive enzymes in general help the stomach break down and easily absorb nutrients. This can hold potential in not just helping you get more out of the food you eat, but also lets any ingredient in a supplement be absorbed better than just be directly excreted.

Reduslim Review: formula analysis

Reduslim works in two main ways:

First, it makes you feel energized. This burst of energy not only helps you feel like you have to do more than you should, but it also forces the body to convert fat into energy. While the energy you may have isn’t good enough for heavy lifting in the gym, it should be good enough to power through a boring office task or help prevent you from falling asleep during a meeting. 

Second, it wants you to stop craving. There are a lot of appetite suppressant potential in the formula. While you can argue the dosages used were a bit on the mild to moderate side, fact of the matter is appetite suppression is really all about choosing the most nutrient-dense foods and a bit of willpower to abstain from eating too much or outside the “eating time.”

Apart from energy and appetite suppressing, there really isn’t much to say about Reduslim. It’s a very safe fat burning supplement, especially with the minimal caffeine dosage. It doesn’t seem to want to promote itself as a supplement you take for workouts, but as a fat burner that you take during an ordinary day. 

What’s missing from Reduslim?

Caffeine at 50 mg will not do much more that an espresso can. Its most powerful fat burner, green tea extract could perhaps also use an increase as it’s best taken at 500 mg. 

There’s also the lack of a vitamin profile for Reduslim, but since it’s not a gym supplement, we’ll give it a pass.

So, does Reduslim work?

The word “work” can mean a lot of things. The ingredients in the blend should perform as described, but the potency and efficacy at which they’re used in the context of fat burning is subject to a person to person basis. Not everyone will experience the same results.

Every human body is unique and the underlying causes of weight gain are varied. This means that Reduslim may address exactly those causes that are stopping your body from getting rid of stubborn fat and you may end up losing 10 kilos in a month. But on the other side of the coin, it’s possible that Reduslim has very little effect on you.

Does Reduslim have a lot of caffeine?

The 50 mg dosage is actually small. People can get more than double this dosage with a regular cup of coffee. In fact, we think Reduslim played the dosage too small for their intent. At least 100 mg would have been nice to have.

Who is Reduslim made for?

Reduslim is made for the type of person who may not have time to be in the gym every now and then, but still want to get fat burning done throughout the day. It’s also a fat burner that can support the diet efforts of someone who’s been struggling to lose weight lately. 

Reduslim Review: side effects

The mild dosages of the overall fat burning blend isn’t really something that will likely cause some serious side effects. 

Reduslim Review: pros and cons


  • Safe dosing. Reduces the possibility of side effects.
  • Known ingredients. Not really the type of fat burner to use obscure herbs.
  • Room for potential. You can stack this with your favorite fat burner if you like.


  • Too safe. Low doses prevents one from getting even better results
  • Could use more caffeine. We think they can easily double the caffeine dosage.

Reduslim Review: summary

For the most part, Reduslim looks like a simple yet also very functional fat burner. It has key ingredients meant to initiate the fat burning processes inside the body, it promotes a good energy surge without the side effects of stimulant overdose, and it also prevents you from overeating and giving in to cravings. At one pill per serving, it’s relatively potent if you’re looking for a good fat burning support.

Hence Reduslim can be a very interesting and pleasant slimming remedy if you have not managed to achieve long-term success with the help of traditional slimming methods such as fitness programs and diets.

Reduslim can be ordered online from the official web store of the supplier. At the time of writing, they have a special offer running. Click on this link or the button below to get Reduslim delivered to your doorstep at the lowest price.


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