Pure Dietary Keto Review – Can it really supercharge keto to 9 kilos a week?


The ketogenic diet is considered as the most popular diet for people who want to lose weight without sacrificing their favorite meat-based foods. The diet works by entering an ultra-low carb state, which then forces the body to burn fat as fuel instead. This ultra-low carb state is called ketosis, hence why the diet is named as such.

pure dietary keto

While going keto is the trendiest diet today, it’s not an overstatement to say that achieving ketosis is difficult, so naturally, the need for supplements that can help you like Pure Dietary Ketosis has a market.

This is what the people at Pure Dietary Keto saw. Unlike many fat burners, Pure Dietary Keto is not so much a fat burner with stimulants and herbs, but a fat burner that is supposed to trigger ketosis. 

Getting into a state of ketosis faster is always worth supplementing for, but can Pure Dietary Keto actually do what it says it can do? Read our Pure Dietary Keto review to find out.

What makes Pure Dietary Keto so powerful?

Pure Dietary Keto is described as a supplement that makes use of compounds called exogenous ketones. These exogenous ketones are compounds that are supposed to mimic the ketones produced by the body when under ketosis. We’re not sure how good our science is when it comes to mimicking what our body produces, but we’re open-minded and actually looking forward to what Pure Dietary Keto brings to the table.

  • Three ingredients: The formula Pure Dietary Keto uses revolves around three types of exogenous ketones. We like products that keep it simple, so we hope they actually dosed the ingredients real good.
  • Beat the keto flu: The keto flu is what happens when the body is taking its time to adjust to ketosis. The company claims Pure Dietary Keto will help you ease into ketosis better without really suffering from the keto flu.

Pure Dietary Keto Review: ingredients list

These are the key ingredients found in Pure Dietary Keto

  • Magnesium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, Calcium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, Sodium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate: These are ketone salts. What you want here is the beta-hydroxybutyrate or BHB (1). The BHB is bound to minerals so the body can help metabolize it faster. The minerals also aid in making sure your electrolyte content is adequate, as those who do the ketogenic diet are sometimes unaware that they’re low on electrolytes.

Formula analysis

pure dietary keto review

Pure Dietary Keto isn’t really a complicated formula by any means. It doesn’t make use of any novel herbs nor does it use powerful stimulants. What it does use are actual ketones, or at least synthetic counterparts used by the body. 

So, how does it work, then? Are you supposed to take them and instantly get into ketosis? Unfortunately, no. The way BHB works is, it only “hastens” a person’s transition into keto. Again, the body does produce its own BHB, but BHB supplements are meant to speed up the process of getting into keto.

The whole thing about whether BHB works or not is up for debate, as the science around BHB supplements is still relatively young. The only studies we found that conclusively state that BHB supplements work were done on rats. Regardless, we think there is a future for BHB supplementation, and we’re glad to see the industry innovating towards them.

What’s missing from Pure Dietary Keto?

Technically, there really isn’t anything missing from Pure Dietary Keto. It’s purely a BHB supplement, and adding more doses can lead to having too much mineral content, especially sodium. Too much sodium can lead to an increased risk of heart disease. 

So, does Pure Dietary Keto work?

Successful research of Exogenous ketones has only been shown in rats. So from a scientific point of view it is really difficult to gauge whether taking exogenous supplements do work as intended. Taking into account reviews from customers of various exogene ketones supplements you could say that a good share of these customers tend to experience positive results from taking a BHB based supplement like Pure Dietary Keto.  

Does Pure Dietary Keto have a lot of caffeine?

There is no stimulant in Pure Dietary Keto’s formula. 

So, is Pure Dietary Keto any good or just hype?

Pure Dietary Keto is only as good as your keto attempts and discipline around maintaining an ultra low carb diet. So, the safe answer would be it depends. If you are taking the keto diet serious then you could really benefit from Pure Dietary Keto. If you are not, and eat moderate to excessive amounts of carbs then you are way better off with a non-keto fat burner like Phenq.

Pure Dietary Keto Review: side effects

Some users experience abdominal problems and stomach aches (2).

Pure Dietary Keto Review: pros and cons


  • Interesting take on fat burners: The ability to ignite your fat burning processes by way of ketosis is not as explored compared to traditional fat burners. 
  • Could help improve ketogenic efforts: So long as you’re not sagging off on your keto, this should be helpful.
  • Simple formula: No frills, just what you pay for.
  • Free monthly sample. You can try Pure Dietary Keto for free! In contrast to many other keto supplements you can try Keto Biolife to experience at first hand what it can do for your weight. There is no need to break the bank to give this keto supplement an honest try. Does it work? Great, you are on your way to get the body you’ve always wanted. Does it not work? That’s a shame, but it hasn’t cost you a fortune in that case! You only pay a reduced shipping and handling fee of $4.96.


  • Little research: Rodent research is promising, but we need human ones.

Pure Dietary Keto Review: summary

keto pure dietary review

Pure Dietary Keto is definitely riding the keto hype train, and perhaps they timed it just right. Keto followers and practitioners are growing, with more and more celebrities claiming to have a better body and health because of the keto lifestyle. 

Pure Dietary Keto’s take on exogenous ketones are standard and perhaps it’s for the best. The science around BHB supplements and how the human body metabolizes them is still at its infancy, so it’s probably best to stick with what’s safe for now. 

Overall, we think Pure Dietary Keto is an excellent product. The science is still young and the potency of the formula depends on the user’s keto experience, but Pure Dietary Keto’s formula should support your keto efforts nonetheless. The fact that you can try this supplement for free makes it a no brainer.

The free monthly trial of Pure Dietary Keto can be ordered online from the official web store of the supplier. Click on this link or the button below to claim your free trial of Pure Dietary Keto!


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