Nuubu Detox Patches Review: Can these patches change your life?


If you are pursuing a healthier body, chances are you have heard of Nuubu, a foot detox patch. Nuubu is one of the newest detox products that aims to cleanse your body of waste based on an ancient Japanese health method.

nuubu detox patches

Nuubu claims that you can get a healthier and more vital body by applying a detox patch to your feet every night. Which can benefit complaints such as insomnia, headaches, fatigue, constipation, excess weight, muscle pain, skin problems, irritability and brainfog.

In this review, we take an in-depth look at Nuubu Detox Patches and look for answers to the following questions, among others:

  1. What are Nuubu detox patches and what do they consist of?
  2. Are Nuubu Detox Patches really able to deliver substantial health improvement and symptom reduction?
  3. What symptoms can you remedy with these detox patches?
  4. Is there scientific evidence that advocates the use of detox patches on the foot like Nuubu?
  5. How do others experience the Nuubu detox patches?

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What are Nuubu Detox Patches?

Nuubu is a detox foot patch developed based on the vision and tradition of Eastern medicine. Using 100% natural, high quality ingredients, Nuubu aims to help your body get rid of waste products, stimulate your blood flow and reduce stress. In order to make your body healthier and more powerful both physically and mentally.

What’s in Nuubu detox patches?

Nuubu patches are full of natural ingredients that each have their own role in detoxing your body. Below is the list of ingredients and the beneficial effects these ingredients have according to Nuubu:

  • Bamboo Vinegar. Promotes the reproduction of beneficial microorganisms, aids digestion and neutralizes foul odors. May also have a beneficial effect on intestinal and oral health.
  • Loquat Leaf. Antibacterial ingredient, absorbs foul odors, promotes a pleasant odor of the feet.
  • Vitamin C. A powerful antioxidant that promotes resistance.
  • Wood Vinegar. Antibacterial solution, removes foul odors, absorbs moisture, sweat and metabolic waste from your pores.
  • Tourmaline. A precious mineral that enhances the detoxification process and can promote liver and kidney function.
  • Anion (Negative ION Powder). Restores healthy PH levels & contributes to optimal oxygen levels in the bloodstream.
  • Dextrin, serves as a support for the other ingredients.  There is no specific action for the purpose of detoxification.
  • Houttuynia Cordata Thunb. Contains adjuvant, anti-obesity, hepatoprotective, antiviral and antibacterial properties.

What benefits can you experience by using Nuubu Detox Patches?

As with other leading foot pads, Nuubu’s main focuses are to relieve stress-related complaints, better sleep quality and a healthier and stronger body and mind. As an added benefit, they also claim that feet no longer smell. Below is an overview of the main benefits.

  • Stress relief, especially in these hectic times the body is affected by the pressures of life. Foot pillows can help relieve muscle tension, physical discomfort and a variety of other stress-related complaints.
  • Better sleep quality, Due to the pressures of life, the quality of sleep of many people is far from optimal, which has a great impact on functioning and overall health. 
  • Detox your body, a body where the waste products are better removed to achieve a healthier and more powerful body and mental state.
  • Deals with smelly feet. Nuubu’s foot plasters help to combat smelly feet. A nice touch!
nuubu detox patches review

Science versus practice, do detox foot patches like Nuubu work?

That Nuubu has confidence in its own product is obvious and certainly not a bad thing. After all, you can have a lot of confidence in a good product. But what does science have to say about the potential effect of foot patches like Nuubu? And are the users of foot plasters like Nuubu just as enthusiastic about the concept and its effect?

What do users of detox foot patches like Nuubu say?

Nuubu is clearly appreciated by users. In particular, the detoxifying effect is praised. However, because Nuubu is a brand new product, there are too few reviews to be able to draw a definite conclusion about the effect of this product. Hence, we also researched reviews for other detox foot patches, or foot patches, to see if this type of product is appreciated by consumers.

To our surprise, the most popular detox foot patches in the United States, like Samsali Aroma Footpads, get exceptionally good reviews. As much as 4.4/5 as you can see here.

Some stand out reviews we have listed below:

I was willing to try anything because of sleeping problems. I was hesitant that it would do anything but the first night proved me wrong. I am already sleeping better and I use them only a few nights a week. Not only do I feel better as I sleep better, but the skin on my feet feels so soft and smooth. Excellent product, I would recommend trying this if you haven’t used a product like this before.

The best I’ve used…they keep me asleep and relieve muscle pain and maintain pH balance. I swear! These are larger and have more powder in them, which makes them more effective. They also stick to my foot better, which means more gunk on my foot when I take it off, but I don’t mind! I sleep like a baby with these… all night long and without interruption!

Product that suits me by its thickness and elasticity. It’s been 4 nights that I put it on with socks…I find a change of circulation of the legs, I have less heavy legs.

What does science say about (Nuubu) Detox Patches?

There is currently little scientific evidence that detox patches you apply to the foot work. Tourmaline, which you also find in Nuubu detox patches, are an exception.

This mineral can emit far infrared radiation (FIR) when it is in the form of a fine powder.

A review of the scientific literature on FIR in 2012 found some evidence that tourmaline powder can reduce pain for people with rheumatoid arthritis and painful menstrual periods. However, research on the health benefits of FIR is still in its early stages.

People who experience some benefits when using detox food patches may find that ginger, tourmaline and lavender can help them sleep better and possibly reduce inflammatory conditions or pain.


Nuubu Detox Patches are an interesting product. Using a foot patch, Nuubu says you can detox your body to experience all kinds of benefits such as better sleep, less stress (symptoms) and an overall healthier body. Science cannot (yet) confirm the product properties of Nuubu. There is not enough scientific evidence to do so.

However, practice seems to be less cautious than science. Users of Nuubu and other leading detox food patches largely agree, foot patches work great!

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