Keto Ultra Pure Review 2021: Is this refreshing French Keto Supplement superior to other top keto supplements?


The word keto is all everyone thinks about when it comes to an effective weight loss diet. Celebrities, athletes, and even some politicians endorse it, so you can’t really blame people for wanting to try keto for themselves.

keto ultra pure review

The ketogenic diet, on its own, is enough so long as the dieter has the patience and focus plus the discipline to not overeat or fall to the temptations of cake and candies. However, some people need the extra hand and this is where Keto Ultra Pure fat burner comes in.

Keto Ultra Pure fat burner is a supplement that seems to be aimed at boosting a ketogenic dieter’s weight loss efforts by means of natural fat burning extracts.  

Is Keto Ultra Pure fat burner an effective weight loss aid? How does it work for overall fat burning? Read on to find out.

About Keto Ultra Pure fat burner

Keto Ultra Pure fat burner is a supplement produced by French supplement company Institut ActiScience. The product itself is simple, with only three key ingredients for its fat burning formula. We always like simple formulas because these formulas can have the potential to maximize ingredient potency. 

  • Three ingredients: Keto Ultra Pure fat burner only uses three key ingredients: Raspberry Fruit Dry Extract, Garcinia Cambogia, and Green Tea extract.
  • Designed for ketogenic dieters: The name implies that this formula can help ketogenic diet efforts, especially for those who are just starting out.
  • Easy to take: The serving suggestions say to take one in the morning and evening. No fancy rituals, no routines, no timing. Just take a capsule when the sun’s up and another when it goes down.

Keto Ultra Pure fat burner Review: nutrition label

ingredients label keto ultra pure


Take one capsule morning and evening before meals.

Keto Ultra Pure fat burner Review: ingredients list

These are the three key ingredients found in Keto Ultra Pure fat burner

  • Raspberry Ketone Extract: Raspberry Ketones aren’t the type of ketones the body produces during ketosis, so let’s get this out of the way for now. Instead, they are compounds known to help stimulate the critical hormones known to trigger fat burning or lipolysis. 
  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract: Garcinia cambogia is a popular extract that functions more as a carb blocker than anything else. When you block carbs, your body doesn’t turn them to fat. That is the simple formula. The compound you’re looking for when it comes to garcinia cambogia is hydroxycitric acid or HCA, the very thing responsible for the anti-carb effect. Taking this before eating helps prevent fat conversion.
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract: Green tea extract is among the most popular extracts known for fat burning. The secret lies in its potency polyphenols and epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG. These two compounds are antioxidants observed by experts to produce a fat-burning effect. The best part is green tea extract works really well when you exercise, so maximize the effect with a daily workout routine.

Keto Ultra Pure fat burner Review: formula analysis

Keto Ultra Pure fat burner doesn’t have a complex formula, but what it does is offer a more “focused” fat burning effect that hinges on the ketogenic diet. By hinge on, we mean so long as you observe the protocols warranted by the ketogenic diet, this supplement should help boost your weight loss efforts.

Keto Ultra Pure fat burner works primarily by reducing carb storage. Carbs are converted to fat by the body when you have too much of it. In a ketogenic diet, carbs are at their lowest, but some have a hard time achieving ketosis – the metabolic state keto enthusiasts all want – because their carbs aren’t low enough. This supplement should help further lower your carb storage, allowing users to reach ketosis faster and maintain it better.

What’s missing from Keto Ultra Pure fat burner?

In the context of a carb reducer, Keto Ultra Pure fat burner is not that bad. The supplement works when you pair it with a good dietary mindset. However, we feel like the manufacturers should add more green tea extract, especially since many studies use upwards of 200 mg to get the desired metabolic benefits. 

Keto Ultra Pure fat burner could perhaps also use more garcinia cambogia, especially since this is the ingredient you really want to have in a keto-focused fat burner.

They can also further improve Keto Ultra Pure fat burner by adding glucomannan or any soluble fiber. Fiber is the type of carb the ketogenic diet wants since it’s not converted to fat and passes through our intestines. It also helps suppress appetite which is always a welcome benefit if you’re trying to lose weight.

So, does Keto Ultra Pure fat burner work?

Keto Ultra Pure fat burner will get you the best results if you adhere to the ketogenic diet rules. If you look at the formula out of the keto context, then Keto Ultra Pure fat burner can still help you lose weight, especially if you combine it with regular exercise and some form of diet control.

Does Keto Ultra Pure fat burner have a lot of caffeine?

The only source of caffeine is green tea extract and it’s only a mere 4 mg. You will not notice it. For context, drinking a cup of tea gives you 25-30 mg of caffeine, and people don’t exactly use tea as a perk-me-up.

So, is Keto Ultra Pure fat burner any good or just hype?

Keto Ultra Pure fat burner is not that good on its own. The dosages are okay at most and we think it needs to add more to bring it up to a higher state of relevance in the supplement game. Paired with a strict diet like keto, Keto Ultra Pure fat burner should work effectively given its ingredients can help keto dieters get into a state of ketosis faster.

Who is Keto Ultra Pure fat burner made for?

Keto Ultra Pure fat burner is a fat burner made for ketogenic dieters or those who are serious about losing weight through strict portion control. If you’re not a ketogenic dieter, or if you’re not really trying, Keto Ultra Pure fat burner can still work but might not get you the same results in case you would be on a ketogenic diet.

Keto Ultra Pure fat burner Review: side effects

There doesn’t seem to be any reported side effects based on the research we did online. If you experience any side effects, we urge you to stop taking this supplement and seek professional help.

Keto Ultra Pure fat burner Review Customer Reviews

There’s not much about Keto Ultra Pure fat burner as far as reviews are concerned. The most we found are delivery reviews which were all positive. What we can tell you is based on research, Keto Ultra Pure fat burner should work provided you follow a diet with a bit of portion control. You don’t necessarily have to be on keto for this to work.

Keto Ultra Pure fat burner Review: pros and cons


  • Helps keep carbs away: Carbs turn to fat when in excess, so to have something that can prevent most of it from happening sounds like a sound fat burning plan.
  • Keto support: The idea of Keto Ultra Pure fat burner is to help keto dieters get into ketosis faster and stay there for long term. 
  • Simple formula: No frills or unnecessary ingredients. Also, the three ingredients are known to be quality fat burners/


  • Niche market: This supplement isn’t for everyone, especially since it heavily caters to the keto crowd.
  • Needs more dosage: If they can double the doses for garcinia cambogia or green tea extract, then this fat burner would work much, much better.
  • Not much online presence: We had a hard time looking for sellers.

Pricing info

  • 4 bottles, 30 servings each: €119.00 
  • 2 bottles: €69.00
  • 1 bottle: €39.00

Keto Ultra Pure fat burner Review: summary

Keto Ultra Pure fat burner is the type of fat burner a dedicated weight loss diet will greatly complement. The three key ingredients are all designed to help boost a ketogenic diet’s effects, but with enough patience and self-control, the formula should also help non-keto enthusiasts get what they want out of their efforts.

Overall, we think Keto Ultra Pure fat burner is a decent fat burning supplement. It’s however not as powerful as some of the best Keto Supplements out there.

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