Huusk Knife 2021 Review: Is this Japanese Kitchen Knife the ultimate tool for every home chef?


Chances are you’ve seen Huusk’s knives pass by recently if you like being in the kitchen! These Japanese knives have been introduced to the consumer market by Huusk to make a truly premium kitchen knife available to everyone.

Huusk knife

Are you wondering if Huusk has succeeded at that? Does it make cooking the most delicious and healthy meals easier and more fun? Is Huusk the epitome of Japanese quality? Time to find out in this review…

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Why premium Japanese Huusk knives are so popular….

Huusk’s strength lies in an exceptionally effective design combined with very high quality materials such as very pure Japanese steel and an oak grip.  Huusk’s design allows you to prepare the most delicious dishes with more control and precision. With Huusk you have a razor-sharp knife at your disposal that uniquely helps you to prepare the most beautiful dishes with the most diverse ingredients.

huusk review

Huusk seems to have no real weaknesses. They have found an exceptional formula in which the knife actually scores highly in all areas. The aesthetics, quality, effectiveness, usability and price are all very attractive to you as (amateur) chef.


Put your regular chef’s knife next to Huusk and be honest. Which knife impresses the most? In the kitchen, a lot is about the complete experience from preparation to finally tasting your wonderful dish. Especially when you are cooking for friends or family. By using a special knife like Huusk you can add to the culinary experience. There is no kitchen where a Huusk knife, with its exceptional design and refined materials, would be out of place.

The oak handle combined with the Japanese steel gives a very clear picture, this is a premium product!


The Huusk knife is razor sharp, allowing you to cut through meat, fish and vegetables in no time. Which makes preparing your dishes not only faster, but also definitely a fun experience! With Huusk you do not have to be a master chef to cut your ingredients wafer-thin.


Huusk is developed in accordance with the Japanese craftsmanship philosophy. Quality is the number one priority. Japanese chef’s knives have worldwide appeal because they are and remain generally lighter, superiorly balanced, stronger and sharper than, for example, their German counterparts. Top chef all over the world swear by Japanese knives.


Because the knives are lighter and better balanced than the average chef’s knife, it is easier for you as a chef to work in the kitchen. Especially if you work very precisely. Also, the recess in the blade allows you to be even more precise and balanced in your work. Especially when cutting meat it is a pleasure to work with Huusk and there is a good chance you will never want to go back to your old cook’s knife.


Huusk’s design with all its features is very impressive in itself. However, the price of this product explains why Huusk is so immensely popular and why it is almost sold out within weeks after launching this product worldwide.

For less than €20 (via this special discount page when purchasing multiple pieces) you have access to an exceptional Japanese chef’s knife. For your information, a Japanese chef’s knife generally costs several hundred euros!

The characteristics of Huusk

Huusk knives are completely handmade and have the following features:

huusk knife characteristics

Material: 5Cr15 Stainless Steel

Weight: 252 grams

Length: 28 cm

Length of blade: 15.5 cm

Thickness of blade 4 mm

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Huusk suitable for chefs or the home chef?

Huusk can be used by both the chef and the home chef. It is a very high quality chef’s knife that can cut very precisely in an easy to use way. Among the many satisfied customers of Huusk you will find both the professional chef and the home chef.

How long does it take to receive your Huusk knife?

From our research we conclude that, on average, customers will receive their order within 2 to 3 weeks. In some cases it will be faster and in some cases it might take a little longer to get the Huusk knives delivered to your home. Have you already ordered Huusk and are you curious about the status of your order? Then check out the tracking overview on Huusk’s official site.

Do I have a warranty on my Huusk knives?Although the chances are very slim that you would need to claim warranty with these quality knives, it is nice to know that Huusk knives come with a 2-year warranty.


Huusk has introduced an exceptional knife to the market that is a true addition to any kitchen. Everything about this knife seems to be right. The design, quality and price are unique. Good luck trying to find a Japanese chef’s knife under €100!

If we have to point out a weakness of the Huusk knives then it is that Huusk did not bring multiple models to the market. A complete knife set in different sizes would certainly have been appreciated by some fans.

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We wish you lots of fun in the kitchen!


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