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"If you can not feed a hundred people, just feed one."
~Mother Teresa
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Crafting for a Cause is a program we do with Someday Crafts where each month we highlight a charity, and find projects we can all do to help their cause.  We do not have a lot of money at our disposal, but we would like to share our talents to in some way do good for others.  We would love LOVE for you to join us.  On this page you can find out information on the charity we are spotlighting this month, and more importantly how you can help.

March - May 2013
My sweet Friend Amy over at One Artsy Mama, is helping a friend Mallory collect Pillow Case dresses for girls in need over in Uganda.  Mallory is a remarkable young lady who started Project Yesu, you can read more about it HERE!


Mallory is planning a trip for Uganda in June, and needs Pillow Case Dresses for the many girls in need in Uganda. 

Want to HELP?

Making a pillow dress is easy, and a great beginner project.  You can find a simple tutorial at Sew Like My Mom.
Never fear, you can also make a no-sew pillowcase dress...believe it or not, it's simple and just as nice! Here's a tutorial from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.
Or do you remember this guest post from Simple Simon and Co, you can make a pillowcase dress out of an actual pillowcase in just 15 minutes!  This one was  made one from a beautiful vintage pillowcase.

So what do you think?  Let's all chip in and make a pillowcase dress!  They will take any size, any color, whatever you can do willbe great.  So make it a family project,  a church project, or a blog project!  Let's help these girls out!

The deadline is May 31st!
Completed dresses can be shipped to:
Project Yesu
c/o Rory Fundora
1178 Willow Bend Drive
Clarksville, TN 37043

  There is nothing more comforting than a warm blanket.  For our next Crafting for a Cause project, we are teaming up with Kara of  Petals to Picots, and doing a cyber Blanket drive in conjunction with Project Linus.  You can link up your donated blanket to a combined link up party we are having April 15-30th, for some fun prizes.  Additionally Kara of Petals and Picots has a Blanket Drive album on Facebook where you can comment and add pictures for additional prizes!

Crafting for a Cause

Project Linus is an amazing organization that collects handmade blankets and distributes them to children who are  ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need. Inspired by Charles Schulz’s PEANUTS® character, Linus, Project Linus's mission is to provide comfort to these children with the help of a security blanket. Volunteers, or "blanketeers" as they are lovingly referred to, from all over the country create, collect, and distribute these handmade blankets.
Since Project Linus began in 1995, there have been over 4 million blankets delivered to children in need, and there are now close to 400 chapters nationwide. Project Linus receives thousands of letters and thank you notes every year from children and their families who are touched that a stranger would take the time to make something for them. You can read some of their stories at Blanket Buzz.
Project Linus accepts all styles of new handmade blankets including quilts, tied comforters, fleece blankets, crocheted or knitted afghans, and receiving blankets. If you need help getting started, the Project Linus website offers many patterns to help plan your project. Blankets should be washable and made in child-friendly colors. Many sizes are accepted depending on the specific needs of each chapter. Contact your local chapter for more information and for the current needs in your area.
Local chapters also look for volunteers who can offer their time to collect and distribute blankets and also to organize and participate in blanket-making events throughout the year. Contact your local chapter to find out about current volunteer opportunities.

How we can All get involved.
Let's have a cyber blanket drive for Linus!!
The goal of our project is to donate 50 blankets to donate.  Kara of Petals to Picots is having a blanket drive on her facebook page.  She also has some great
The drive will be held on the honor system. Just add your commitment to the comments  on my Blanket Drive album on Facebook. When you have completed your blankets, contact your local chapter for drop off/pick up information. Let's shoot for a completion date of April 30, 2012.

We would also love to see your pics along the way!!
We can do this!!

Help us spread the word by adding a button to your blog!

Crafting for a cause

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Crafting for a Cause

I am so excited for October-Novembers Crafting for a Cause project!  It is very near and dear to my heart.  So many soldiers around the country, leave the comfort of home, friends, and family, to serve in the military.  This month I am spotlighting a wonderful organization Operation Christmas Cards.  The mission of Operation Christmas Card is to “love our troops one card at a time” to ensure that each of our service members know they are appreciated, supported and loved by the very people they are sacrificing their lives to fight for.  

I can't think of anything better then sending a card to a soldier expressing thanks for our freedom during the Holiday season.  Who is with me?

Participation is very easy and we encourage everyone to help. This 
 would be a great project to do as a family, church group, work group, etc.  Operation Christmas Cards welcomes cards of ALL faiths from anywhere around the world! The cards can be store bought or home made, but we ask that they are no bigger than 9x9 to fit into shipping boxes. 

Doesn't this sound like fun!  Here are some guidelines from the Operation Christmas Card
Do's and Dont's :

-do NOT seal the envelopes

-only write supportive and encouraging notes
-you may include email or mailing address
-stickers and glitter are OK
-envelopes may be decorated
-if mailing large quantities please ship in bulk. Its cheaper for you and easier for us.
-Please include the total amount of cards you send if mailing multiples. It helps us greatly!
 You do not need to include money for postage. Operation Christmas Cards sends the cards in bulk. Shipping is expensive and you can donate money for shipping if you would like on their site. 

Operation Christmas Cards Needs the Cards by November 28th!
Cards and donations can be mailed to:
Operation Christmas Cards
PO Box 102
Shrewsbury MA 01545
or if using UPS/FedEx/DHL etc.:
Liberty Churches
ATTN:Operation Christmas Cards
495 Hartford Turnpike
Shrewsbury MA 01545

At the end of November Someday Crafts and I will have our Crafting for a Cause Linky party, and would love to see what you have come up with.   Please help us spread the word by posting a Operation Cards for Soldiers button to your blog!  If you participate let us know how many cards you donated so we can keep a tab!

Crafting for a Cause


I am SOOO excited to introduce our Crafting for a Cause project for AUGUST!

Hopeful Threads Grab Button

Michelle (Someday Crafts), and I are teaming up with the fabulous Kristy from Hopeful Threads to bring you an AMAZING project.

Kristy's fun little blog is all about service! EACH month that you can help out with... She is also constantly giving fun prizes away!

This month we are doing a project where you can help kids in your community with school supplies HERE.  Or/and you can help girls in different countries with feminine care items in other countries so they have the opportunity to participate in school all of the time.


I'm sure many of you are getting in the mode for all the back to school preparations. The shopping lists of notebooks, pencils, crayons and backpacks are are the aisles of these goodies at the local chain stores! For the "here" part of our project, we want to encourage you to purchase a little extra of these supplies to donate to others.  
Please consider donating to a specific child in need or your own child's classroom. If you pause for a second, I'm sure you can instantly think of how this simple gesture could be a huge help! You can ask the teachers what supplies she might need for the class as well.  School Supplies are CHEAPEST right before school.  As a teacher I can attest that their are many kids, probably in your own school that can not afford the list of school supplies, or for whatever reason does not have a family that is willing to do so.  In my years of teachers there were always those few parents who would go the extra mile, buy extra supplies, or even give money when needed.
If for some reason you don't want to donate locally their are other options. I also wanted to introduce you to "Kids In Need Foundation".
 Their mission is to ensure that every child is prepared to learn and succeed by providing free school supplies nationally to students most in need.  They have some terrific programs going on right now.  You can either donate school supplies, or money, they can buy school supplies far cheaper than you can find in stores.


Now, for the "THERE" part of our project....and the sewing part! :)
I wanted to offer you the opportunity to consider a "back to school" item many probably never think about.

I feel SO BLESSED to live in a land where I have received a free quality education.  I was stunned to find out that in many parts of the world, girls are unable to attend school during their menstrual cycle due to lack of regular feminine products, can you imagine?

So, although you might not think of feminine pads as a back to school item, they are NEEDED in parts of the world.  The option of disposable products just isn't realistic or available for many, so these girls are often found trying to use whatever possible.  I have even heard of girls using trash or mud, or missing out  on school entirely. 

That's where our plan of sewing this unusual "Back To School" necessity comes in!
This obviously isn't a new need, but one that will always be present.  I recently read of the efforts of the Girls Only Project being hosted by blogger Lara at The Farmer's Wife Tells All. She is gathering supplies for 25 young ladies living in an orphanage in Uganda. She has had a great response, and if you are looking for a free online pattern for cloth pads or a place to send the ones you make, I encourage you to check out her project.

Additionally, here is a list of other places to find free cloth pad patterns/tutorials:
As for where to donate the finished pads, here are a few suggestions:
Girls Only Project (mentioned above) (offers an extensive list of recipients!) 
Who knew there was all this need, and resources.  If you know of a local church or organization traveling for a mission trip, this is an easy to carry, light-weight donation that would be meaningful to women of all ages. Kristy from Hopeful Threads will be sending the pads I make to a missionary I am connected with in Cambodia.


We hope you will join us in giving back this way! We have a goal of 250 cloth pads!
Sounds big, but with a little participation from a lot of folks, I know we can do it! And just think of all the sweet young ladies lives that will be touched! Whether you make 3 or 30, every. single. one. matters!
Since we appreciate every bit of participation, we have put together some very nice prizes for those who help spread the word and sew along! :)

We are going to have a LINKY PARTY at the end of the month, where you can share what you have made, and be entered to win a BACK TO SCHOOL craft party package... WHOOP WHOOP!!


So, please take a moment to add this button to the sidebar of your blog for the month of August.

Back to School
Share about the project on facebook, twitter or with local friends who love sewing and helping others. The more the merrier and the greater impact we can have!


The Funkhouser Family is a pretty ordinary family like yours and mine, with a huge heart. Even though they have four beautiful children of their own, they would like to change the life of a child, a family in need by adoption. Jill contacted me a couple months ago, and asked if I would spotlight her adoption story. This past week she shared me her sweet story you can find HERE, or visit their cute blog, CAMP FUNK.

Today, I received a message saying they have been CHOSEN to adopt a sweet little girl, I am so HAPPY for them. I think this happened a little sooner then they anticipated, and they are trying to raise the remaining funds by having a Facebook-a-thon, today July 16th. Basically they are trying to paint their cause all over Facebook. Would you like to help? All you need to do is Copy this message to your Facebook status...

TODAY! Help give a child a forever family! Visit and copy this into your Face book status! 

They need to gain $13,300, they are accepting donations, if you could  make a donation of $10 or more, they would greatly appreciate it! Let's help the Funkhouser family bring home their baby girl!  Jill is giving updates on her BLOG every two hours!

Do you want to get Crafting... for a cause?
Jill and the Funkhouser family is also having a auction at their church for a  fundraiser in September, to help supplement the cost of their adoption. They are humbly asking for any handmade donations, that can be donated at this auction. If you are interested in providing something for the auction email Jill at funk50(at), and she can give you more information.

It does not need to be anything fancy, just something from the heart! I am still deciding
what to make to send them. I am debating over making a hooded towel, or a cosmetic snap purse.

I hope you will all help out for this wonderful cause! Really what better cause could their be then giving a child a life with a caring supportive family?  I hope you will consider helping out the Funkhouser family with their adoption!


Ladybird Ln

Pillow Fight--For a Cause

I am so excited to feature my first contest, for charity on my blog this month!

I am featuring a service project very near and dear to my heart. I have a great friend, Malynn, who is 14 years old, and has undergone some tough TOUGH medical stuff recently. She has been in and out of the hospital for the past 6 months. One might expect after all the medical problems she has endured she would be bitter and resolved. But not Malynn, she is amazing in so many ways. Instead of focusing on her issues she wants to help others. Malynn is an incredible seamstress, at the age of 14 she far surpasses my sewing ability! She has made it a goal to donate 100 bright cheerful pillow cases to Primary Childrens Medical Center, to brighten up the patients rooms!

Would you like to help? I hope so! We are going to have a fun pillow contest. It is called Pillow Fight--For a Cause! Essentially this is a pillow contest where you can enter your homemade ruffly throw pillows, your sweet decorative pillows, your bedazzled pillow cases... pretty much anything pillow related, that you made. THE CLINCHER IS, in order to enter this contest you have to donate a pillow case. A bright, cheery, fun pillow case!  You can donate the pillow locally, or send it to me, and I will let Malynn donate it to Primary Children's Medical Center!

     1. You can link up ANY pillow related post to our link party here at Ladybird Ln, from June 15-22.  Examples, throw pillows, decorative pillows, ruffly pillows, fancy pillow cases, etc.  It does not need to be the pillow case you donate.

      2. For every post you link up, you MUST donate a pillow case.  Don't sweat if, pillowcases are EASY to make, for a complete tutorial click HERE! You can donate your pillowcase locally to a hospital or women's shelter.  Or you can send it to me, and I will let Malynn donate it to Primary Childrens Hospital in Salt Lake City.  Please leave me a comment saying you are sending one or email me at ladybirdln10(at)gmail(dot)com You can send the pillowcase to this address:                                           
                                          Candice Sanders
                                          Re: Pillow Case For a Cause
                                          160 E 200 N
                                          Mt. Pleasant, Ut 84647
Note:  This is a friends business address, I am leery of posting my address on the web.
         3.  Please include the Pillow Fight--For a cause button on your post, or in your sidebar.  We would like as many people to be involved as possible. Code found at bottom of post.

         4.  Must be a resident of USA or Canada, or willing to pay shipping and handling fees!

         5.  If you do not have a blog, you can still participate by downloading a picture and description of your pillow on an online photo album such as Flickr, or Photobucket, and linking that to the party.

         6.  Please support our blog! We hope you love this contest, and our blog!  If you do please consider following!

         We have some super fun judges to help us keep this competition interesting and fun.   We have four judges that will help us narrow the competition down to ten pillows.  From their it will be up to a vote!  The judges will determine will base their decision on creativity, originality, and quality.  Our fabulous guest judges are:
          The girl behind it all~Malynn and her Mom JoAnne!
          Michelle of Someday Crafts-Huge kudos to her, her baby is due the end of June!
          The fabulousEmily aka The Decor Chick!
          The always fun, Kori and Tara, Mom's of All Trade!
     The top three pillows will receive some amazing prizes, and we even have a couple random prizes for anyone who link up!. Sponsors for this event include... Kati Cupcake, Cap Creations, Sew Obsessed, Vinylize It, Funky Polkadot Giraffe, Naptime Crafters... And Malynn and I are even going to throw in some prizes.  Prizes are not exactly set in stone, so it may change a bit over the next couple weeks, but here is a general idea!  I am blown away by all the support we have received from this project, which means amazing prizes for you!!

                                               First Place Prize Package! 
                              Darling Snap purse from Spotted Apple (A bag made by Malynn!)
                              Fat Quarter Bundly from Kati Cupcake
                              $40 gift card from  Cap Creations
                             $30 Vinylize It Gift Card!
                              Pattern from Sew Obsessed
                              Pattern from Naptime Crafters, etsy shop!
                              Pattern from Kati Cupcake
                              Adorable bow from Funky Polkadot Giraffe etsy Shop!
                              Custom graphic art from Ladybird Ln of your choice!

                                              Second Place Prize Package!
                               Darling Snap purse from Spotted Apple (A bag made by Malynn!)
                               Fat Quarter Bundly from Sew Obsessed
                               Pattern from Sew Obsessed
                               Pattern from Naptime Crafters, etsy shop!
                               Pattern from Kati Cupcake
                               Adorable bow from Funky Polkadot Giraffe etsy Shop!
                               Custom graphic art from Ladybird Ln of your choice!
                                               Third Place prize Package!
                               Darling Snap Purse from Spotted Apple (A bag made by Malynn!)
                               Pattern from Sew Obsessed
                               Pattern from Naptime Crafters, etsy shop!
                               Pattern from Kati Cupcake
                               Adorable bow from Funky Polkadot Giraffe etsy Shop!
                               Custom graphic art from Ladybird Ln of your choice!
                                          Random Prize Drawings (Anyone who links up can Win!)
                                Signed copy of Kati Cupcakes new book! (WOWsers)

    Thank you so much to all of our INCREDIBLE sponsors!  Man I wish I could enter, those are some FABULOUS prizes!

    You will be able to link your pillows from JUNE 15-22, here at ladybird Ln.

    Ladybird Ln

    Please help us spread the word about this contest, grab a button!


    Wow, is it May 15th already? This month has flown by! So I have seen many blogs doing little projects to help the South with all of the flood and tornado damage... So I thought I would try to spotlight a couple of those projects.

    Over at Kevin & Amanda, they have created some incredible fonts from some popular bloggers handwriting, including Tidy Mom, Bake at 350, and one of my all time favorites, Our Best Bites, plus many more. You can download them all, they just request you give a donation to the fund, Toomer's for Tuscaloose. An organization that has helped all aspect of the tornado and flood relief in Alabama.
    Aren't these font's fun, go check them all out here!

    Homemaker In Heels

    One of the blogs I love to read, is Homemaker in Heels by Crysta! Crysta lives in Alabama right in all of the damage, luckily her home is alright, but she is collecting specific items for her neighbors not as fortunate as here. She is collecting baby items, toiletry items, etc. For more information go here. Just look at the damage, this picture was not taken to far from her home...
    Wow, it sure makes me feel lucky for what I do have!
    Anyway, I hope this inspires you to get involved in some way to help our friends in the south!


    My heart goes out to all those affected in the Japan disaster.  I don't know how a mother could watch all of the footage and not just ache, and think what if that was me? what would I do?  And ache for all of those mothers in that situation, and wonder what you can possibly do to help.  One of my favorite Bloggers Sachiko from a Tea Rose Home, has family in Japan, and has a wonderful post on how you can help the Disaster Relief in Japan, if you click on the button above it will take you there.  

    This month I would encourage everyone to do what they can to help. Donate to a foundation you know to be safe such as the Red Cross, or maybe a church fund.  I am going to donate through  humanitarian services run by LDS church.  The LDS church absorbs all of the overhead costs so 100% of the donation is given to the humanitarian services go to help those in need.  They have given so much humanitarian aid around the world, whenever and wherever it is needed.

    FEATURED PROJECT: One Million Cranes, a simple fun project for school age children, to help make a difference!


    The charity we would like to highlight for March is one really near and dear to my heart. The Hartman's are a family who like mine, own and operate a family farm. They are also trying to adopt a sweet little boy Brady, who has Downs Syndrome. Brady was born in Eastern Europe, and like many children with disabilities their, was placed in an orphanage. It is common for those with disabilities in that region of the world to be transfered from orphanages to full blown mental institutions by the age of six. Brady has already been transfered. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am a special education teacher, I have had the privilege of working with so many choice individuals that have Downs Syndrome... This story really makes breaks my heart, but I am so happy their people like the Hartman's trying to help.

    So what we can do to help this family, and bring Brady home? Cathy over at Cap Creations (Awesome site), is heading a great fundraiser for this family that we can all take part in. She is asking bloggers, and crafters, just like you and I to donate something you have made or something that is new and unused to put into a grand prize package, that will be raffled off. For more information please go here. This package will then be up for grabs to those that can make a small $5 donation to Brady's and the Hartman's adoption fund. Each $5 donation =1 entry! All of the money from the raffle will then go to help bring Brady home! If you would like to donate something act fast, you have to send your items to Cathy on or before the 28th of February.

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