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Are you frustrated at how hard it is to lose those last few pounds after working so hard at diet or exercise? The Omega Body Blueprint, a fat burning system created by well known fitness trainer and bestselling author John Romaniello, addresses this very issue. It’s a comprehensive program that includes nutritional information, with a special emphasis on the role of hormones and a workout guide that tells you exactly how to achieve maximum results in the least amount of time.

The program consists of a a 96 page e-book explaining the theory and practice of the system as well as several additional items to make it easier to implement the system. While there are many diet books and exercise programs on the market, this one was created to fill a very specific void, one that addresses the all too common issue among people who diet and work out to lose weight. If your’e like many people, you see some fast results when you begin a new program. After this encouraging start, however, you find that you can’t quite reach your goals. It’s then easy to become discouraged and give up. John Romaniello’s system was designed to help you break this cycle.

I study, test and review many different nutritional, fitness and diet programs. When writing reviews, I’m always careful to make sure that programs are based on actual science and research and that there is solid evidence to back up any claims.

The Purpose of Omega Body Blueprint

The word “omega” refers to the final letter of the Greek alphabet. John Romaniello used the name here to get across the main objective of the program -to give people the tools they need to reach the “finish line” when it comes to losing weight and improving their fitness. While almost any program can give you some early results, Omega Body Blueprint is one of the few programs that helps you reach your final goals.

John Romaniello, who has written bestselling books and trained thousands of people around the world, has identified three main problems that make it difficult for people to lose those last few pounds. He calls these problems “Workout Confusion,” “Nutritional Lies” and “Dysfunctional Hormones.” In response to these problems, he offers three solutions, all of which are thoroughly explained in the Omega Body Blueprint e-book. These solutions are Omega M.R.T., Omega Nutrition and Omega Hormone Optimization.

When you understand these three principles and put Romaniello’s advice into practice, you will not only find it easier to lose those last five pounds, but you will find that all of your fitness and diet goals suddenly become attainable. This is when you can have what Romaniello calls the Omega Body. Fortunately, the steps to achieving this are not as difficult or time-consuming as you might think.

Romaniello points out that typical cardio workouts are of very limited benefit when it comes to fat burning. Even if you spend endless hours on a treadmill or exercise bike week after week, you will probably never lose the belly fat, love handles or other unwanted poundage. The solution to this is Omega M.R.T., which stands for metabolic resistance training. This differs from typical metabolic resistance training and is one of the core principles of Omega Body Blueprint. When you follow the exercises shared in this program, you’ll be able to get more accomplished in less time.

When it comes to nutrition, Romaniello exposes many nutritional myths, such as the idea that eating lots of small meals during the day will help you to lose weight or that you must avoid any foods that are processed or non-organic. His Omega Nutrition recommendations offer some solid techniques that actually work. These include intermittent fasting and cycling, where you vary your diet based on levels of activity.

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of the program is the section on hormones, an aspect of dieting and fitness that is often overlooked. Romaniello explains, for example, how having higher levels of the master hormone leptin in your body helps you to lose weigh. Omega Hormone Optimization, the third essential pillar of the system, gives you precise strategies to optimize your hormone balance. Hormones such as leptin also work hand-in-hand with insulin, another critical hormone. As Romaniello explains, many people are insulin resistant, making it extra challenging to lose weight. He gives specific advice on how to eat and work out in a way to overcome insulin resistance.

The Omega Body Blueprint is based on some legitimate scientific research. There is evidence, for example, that hormones can play a major role when it comes to weight gain, weight loss and keeping weight off after dieting. John Romaniello’s system is also one that is safe and free of the side effects that may accompany other approaches, such as diet pills, drugs or starvation diets.

Omega Body Blueprint: Pros and Cons

No diet or fitness system is ideal for everyone. While The Omega Body Blueprint has some genuine strong points, to take a balanced view we should look at both the pros and the cons.


  • A comprehensive system that includes information on nutrition, exercise and hormones. Systems that only look at one or two of these factors are bound to be incomplete.
  • An innovative approach to solving a stubborn and common problem -losing the last few pounds on a diet.
  • Provides long term benefits. Even after you lose the desired weight, you can apply the strategies to help you maintain your ideal weight and to enjoy better health and fitness.
  • Efficient -John Romaniello emphasizes solutions that work quickly so you don’t have to spend countless hours in the gym. In fact, his workout routines are shorter than many that are far less effective.


  • Not meant for people who are seriously overweight or out of shape. This system is primarily intended to help people who have already seen some results, so it’s not for everyone.
  • Requires an open mind. Since Romaniello presents an innovative approach to diet and exercise, you have to be willing to try something new and to perhaps abandon some long term habits.
  • You need a certain amount of motivation and discipline to succeed with this program. While the program is not difficult to put into practice, it does require you to read it all the way through and carry out the steps on your own. This is one aspect of self-help programs that actually prevents people who lack self-discipline from getting results.

What’s Included

In addition to the Omega Body e-book, you get several helpful supplements. These are:

  • The Omega Body Blueprint Workout Charts -allow you to keep accurate records of your progress.
  • Omega Body Blueprint Nutritional Calculator -Makes it easy to know exactly what you should eat and when. This is customizable based on your own schedule and preferences.
  • The Omega Body Blueprint Nutritional Manual -A summary of all the most vital facts about nutrition, fat loss and hormones.
  • The Omega Body Blueprint Supplement Guide -A guide to which supplements are helpful and which you’re better off avoiding.
  • The Omega Body Blueprint Quick Start Checklist -A checklist to ensure that you are following the program correctly.

Who Can Benefit From Omega Body Blueprint

Even the best diet, workout and nutrition programs are not for everyone and Omega Body Blueprint is no exception. As noted, it’s mainly aimed at people who have already lost some weight but are having trouble losing those last few pounds. At the same time, it also provides some solid nutritional and workout information that can help you maintain your results over the long run.

If you are serious about achieving your weight loss goals and you are self-motivated and ready to take action, Omega Body Blueprint can be the solution you’ve been seeking. Between the Omega Body PDF and the supplemental guides, you will have thorough information to guide you through the process. John Romaniello takes the mystery and confusion out of many complex principles such as nutrition and the role of hormones.

Improving fitness, losing weight -especially those last few pounds- and keeping it off are not easy for most people. In fact, there is mounting evidence that losing weight is harder today than ever before. This is due to a variety of factors, such as the availability of junk foods, a more sedentary lifestyle and perhaps increased stress. Whatever the reasons, many people find that it takes more than simply going to the gym or trying out the latest fad diet. John Romaniello offers people in this predicament a viable alternative.

The Omega Body Blueprint is also a good value, considering the wealth of information it provides. You could easily pay more for a single session with a personal trainer. And, as Romaniello makes clear, personal trainers often give people misleading information when it comes to fitness and weight loss. The product is also sold with a 30-day money back guarantee. Since you can download it instantly, that gives you a full month to decide if it’s worth it. If you are one of the many people who are frustrated by the difficulty of reaching your ideal weight, the Omega Body Blueprint can help you finally achieve the results that you’ve been seeking.


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