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the 3 week dietIf you have heard anything about the 3 Week Diet weight loss program, the first thing that probably jumped out at you is the possibility that you can lose up to 23 pounds in 21 days. This is a bold claim, and one that will understandably make most readers skeptical. This program, which was created by a sports nutritionist named Brian Flatt, has created quite a stir on the internet.

If you’re like many people who have been struggling with weight issues, you’ve tried a wide variety of diets and exercise programs. Many of these start to sound the same after a while, giving you simplistic advice that really doesn’t help in the long run.

3 Week Diet was designed to distill all of the most reliable scientific data on the subject and create a “foolproof” system that will give you better results in three weeks than most other systems will give you in three months.

When reviewing programs like this, I am careful to study them thoroughly and look at how rigorous and accurate they are. It’s important to keep an open mind when considering any new system, especially when it makes controversial claims, which Brian’s system clearly does. If you are trying to lose weight, you are searching for a diet that really works. Think about how different your life would be if you really could be 20+ pounds lighter less than a month from now. The goal of this review is to find out if 3 Week Diet can really deliver on its promises.

The Basic Idea Behind the System

One of the most controversial aspects of the 3 Week Diet is the very notion that it’s both possible and safe to lose a significant amount of weight quickly. It is widely believed that losing a great deal of weight in a short time is dangerous. Another common assumption is that if you lose weight too rapidly, you will gain it back just as fast. Yet, as Brian Flatt explains, research does not actually back this up. In fact, a recent study by a reputable journal suggests that “slow and steady may not matter in weight loss.” This is an important finding, as it leaves open the possibility of achieving impressive results in a short time.

Although the 3 Week Diet makes some strong claims, it is not promising miracles. In fact, Brian makes it very clear that the goal of the program is to instill healthy long term habits into your life. The reason he chose to make the system 21 days long is that research has demonstrated that it takes that long to instill any type of new habit into your life. So the real point of this system is not simply to lose 20 pounds quickly, but to create the foundation of new habits that will allow you to keep the weight off.

For this reason, the 3 Week Diet includes comprehensive information on which foods to eat as well as implementing an exercise program that will support your diet. While this may sound a bit daunting, the recommended exercises are actually quite simple and don’t take long. There are also recommendations on supplements that make it easier to lose weight.

What You Get With the Program

3 Week Diet is organized in a way that makes it very easy to digest the information. You start with an Introduction Manual, that provides a summary of the entire system. This section also gives you a breakdown of the science behind the diet, explaining in detail exactly what you have to do to effectively burn fat. If you do choose to order the book, I highly recommend taking the time to read this entire manual, which is over 40 pages, as this will make the rest of the material much clearer.

The Diet Manual contains the actual diet that you are going to follow for the 21 days. The diet is split into three phases, one for each week. Brian gives you a good selection of foods that are allowed while you are on the diet, as well as methods of preparing these foods. Like many popular diets, 3 Week Diet can be categorized as a low carb diet. The recommendations, however, go much further than simply telling you to reduce your intake of carbohydrates. For one thing, Brian is a big advocate of “fat fasts,” where you eat mostly fats for a certain period. While this may seem counter-intuitive at first, there is quite a bit of evidence that healthy fats are important for your health and that cutting back on carbs rather than fat is the real secret to weight loss. In addition to the diet recommendations, there is a section on how to prevent weight regain.

The Workout Manual provides exercises that will make the diet even more effective. You are given a choice of whether to work out at home or at a gym. Some people find that they are more motivated at a gym, while others prefer to save time and money and exercise at home. Either way, the focus is on workouts that yield effective results in a short time. In addition to these tools, there is even an additional and quite valuable bonus -the Mindset and Motivational Manual. This helps you to retrain your mind so that the habits you develop during the 21 day diet can really sink in so you can enjoy long term results. The following are what I’ve identified as the most powerful pros and cons of the 3 Week Diet.


  • Provides you with a clearcut system that s easy to follow. You know exactly what to do, what to eat and what to avoid for each week.
  • Gives a thorough explanation, based on scientific research, of why you should follow this diet.
  • Provides you with tools you can use far beyond 21 days.
  • Gives valuable information to go along with the diet, such as the exercise program and recommendations for supplements.
  • You will get all the nutrients you need for a healthy body. Feel free to take a supplement like Athletic Greens however.


While the 3 Week Diet is quite impressive and rigorous in its approach, no diet ever created is 100% effective for everybody. The one factor that might prove to be an obstacle for some people is that the program does require focus and dedication. While the instructions are not difficult to follow, you will have to be serious about following them for the entire three weeks. People who are too casual about it or who don’t read all of the material may not get the results they want.

Conclusion: Overall Value of 3 Week Diet

While the 3 Week Diet should not be seen as a magical, instant way to lose weight without any effort, it does provide you with some powerful tools for getting fast results. It’s also a very reasonable solution that does not require any drugs, medical procedures or special equipment. Considering the benefits that are possible with this program, the cost is extremely low.

Best of all, Brian offers a “Lose the weight or it’s free” guarantee. You can download the program instantly and try it for up to 60 days. This gives you ample time to test it. 60 days is almost three times longer than the entire program takes to implement! If you find that the 3 Week Diet didn’t work or simply isn’t for you, you’ll be able to get all of your money back with no questions asked. This is not the kind of guarantee you will get from any hardcover book, doctor, nutritionist or gym membership.

In conclusion, I would recommend 3 Week Diet to anyone who is frustrated with the lack of results they’ve gotten from conventional diets and who is serious about wanting to lose weight. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, this program can really help you achieve your goals.


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