Wednesday, November 20, 2013

7 Reasons whyI love being an American Farmer

Every fall, I seem to have a deep connection of my agricultural roots.  Maybe it is the fact that we raise mainly turkeys, or it could be seeing the end result of the harvest of our fields.  Perhaps, especially this year it is terribly poignant in my heart because with a new baby at home, and all the hardships we faced with this baby, I have not been out to the farm much, and miss it.  

1-Heritage: My husband is a sixth generation American farmer, both sides of my family have roots in agriculture. All endured unimaginable hardships, just to survive.  They had grit--they did not give in when times were tough, they did not stop when crops failed, they were strong. I would like to think, that just maybe they passed a little bit of that down to us.  I draw strength knowing I come from hardy stock.

2 - Sleep - I think the worlds sleep apnea problems might significantly be reduced if people put in a hard days labor.  I love the feeling of achy muscles earned by working hard, and rewarded with a good nights rest.

3 - Kids- In a world of video games, tablets, childhood obesity, media violence, I feel so blessed that my children have the sanctuary of the farm.  Somewhere we can work together, learn the values of hard work, integrity, and family.  My children see the miracle of planting something in the earth, and watching it grow, they have seen a wobbly calf, only hours old walk, they watch as baby turkeys grow each day.  When I was in the hospital for six weeks this passed spring, my children in large part went with dad everyday to the farm, what a wonderful occupation, and what a wonderful dad.

4 - Food - Every job has its fringe benefits, ours just might be a freezer full of meat. Meat that we raised, including turkey, beef, and pork, we know where it comes from, what the animals diet was, and most importantly we understand the sacrifice the animal made for us.  I have a great appreciation for our meat.  I also have great satisfaction in knowing we are helping feed America.  I am honored to be able to produce the centerpiece of most peoples Thanksgiving dinner.

5 - Calm - We live in a fast pace, instant gratification world.  If you have tried to drive cattle,  move-out turkeys, or wait for the wheat to grow, you know you must remain calm.  All of the farmers I know have an inner since of calm, they are usually not in too much of a hurry, and notice things like changing weather patterns, and the beauty that surrounds them. If you meet your fellow neighbor on the back roads, you may want to get comfortable because you may be visiting for a while.

6- Work Environment - I am no city girl, the only traffic we might face driving out to our farm is a heard of sheep, or cattle being moved.  Our office has a great view, our co-workers, while slightly demanding never complain, and we have as many hours as we want-- Ok probably more!

7 - Gratitude and God: There is something so satisfying to my soul to watch growth.  To build something tangible with our hands, and see life constantly evolve at the farm.  We plant seeds in the fall, we watch these tiny seeds covered with snow and frost during the winter, then miraculously these seeds produce life in the spring when it knows conditions are right. To be around these miracles all the time, I don't know how one could deny the existence of our great Creator.

As I read back on my list, I realize I am painting a very rosy picture of farming.  But  believe me, I could probably write a list equally as long, about the hardships in farming.  Like the year we did not make money in fact, we payed a hefty fee just for the joys of farming. Or the time when my I decided to count the hours my husband worked during a week, and discouragingly stopped at 67, because I just didn't want to know.  Or the hours we are at the farm, and are not the happy family we paint ourselves to be, the times when the kids fight, and the manure just plain stinks... YET we do it. We yearn for it, we believe in it, we strive for it.  We know we are building something bigger than ourselves.  We take pride in providing a safe food supply for America, to provide quality care for animals and land in which we are given stewardship. We want to continue the legacy passed down by our great grandfathers, and hopefully pass the same legacy on to our children and generations yet to come.

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  1. Beautiful pictures!
    While we do not farm, we do enjoy life out in the country -- with farmland surrounding us. It's this time of year, as I watch the tractors going up and down our road, that I am truly grateful for all America's farmers do.

    Thank you!

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