Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Dear readers,

(Our New Addition born June 2013!)
It has been a while.  Sitting in the hospital for six weeks gives you a long time to think.  I went from a busy mom, shuffling around three kids, trying to stay sane, to having all the time in the world... in a hospital bed. I sat in bed wondering and pondering on all sorts of different things, but I guess the number one thing I gained from that experience is perspective.

(My daughter won the big prize at our Summer Library Program!

I asked myself... why am I so busy (before hospital days of course), what am I doing that is causing me to be stressed, what am I stressed over now that will be important in five years... ten years.... twenty years.  And you know what the funny thing is, the answer was 99% of what I had been so stressed over and busy about were not of much significance down the road.  Do my kids have to be involved in everything?  Do I NEED to have two blog posts a week whether I do cool stuff or not? Does my house need to be pinterest worthy? Obviously these questions are a little ridiculous, but I did realize I was worried too much about the outside things in my life, and not concentrating enough on what matters most.

So this summer, I took a much needed break.... from others expectations... from this blog.... from being 'involved'... and you know what it was wonderful!  I read to my kids, played with them, acted silly, had picnics, watched a couple seasons of the Waltons, and just enjoyed being with my family! It truly was one of the best summers I have had!  I gave myself a break, and it was OK!

Now that most of my kids are back in school, I want to start this blog back again... on my terms. I don't know what that will be exactly, but I have been thinking about it a lot.  I will try to post weekly, but if I don't, just know I am a busy mom chasing around 4 kids!  I am also in the process of giving my blog a makeover, so if it looks a little funny the next couple weeks you know why!  I have missed my association with all of you good people, and am excited to return.  I hope you understand!

Sincerely, Carlee


  1. You are awesome. Your perspective is refreshing. Do what is best for your kids and family.

  2. You're so right! Most of the things that worry us daily are of non so much significance. Take all the time you need and enjoy your family, cause the children are kids only once!

  3. Awww girl I hear ya!! I too have been re-thinking all the needless stress in my life.... and ya know what there is just to much of it. I have been cutting back too and my family is happier because of it.:) Great post girl.:)


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