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10 cures for CABIN FEVER

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I don't know about you, but I am already sick of winter... and for me 'sigh' winter is here to stay for quite some time.  Alas our current budget does not allow us to runaway to a sunny tropical island, so we will have to find our own way to combat cabin fever.  

This weekend I noticed myself and my kids just moping around, sick of watching the same movies, coloring pictures, doing puzzles etc, etc.  So we brainstormed some things we could do at home, which led to this post.  Most of these things are no brainers, most are things that we do, or want to do.  So hopefully it will just refresh you on some fun ideas to do indoors! 

This is my criteria for my list
  1. Does not require I buy any special items.
  2. It is a project the kids can do, and does not take excessive time on my part to set up or clean.
  3. It is fun, of course:)
 So here we go!

1.   Build Forts
Yup that is right, get out the blankets the clothes pins, your tables etc, and let the kids have at it!  This is guaranteed to keep your kids occupied for more than 15 minutes.  Sometimes your kiddos might need some ideas, get out the card table, make different rooms, etc.  When you are all done give your kids some flashlights and picture books, and you will be all set!

2. Sort Things
Kids love to sort things, and it is good for them too! This winter we sorted all of our coins and counted themYou can also sort things like buttons, crayons, beads, pom poms, foam shapes, etc. You can sort these items with your fingers, or take it up a notch and sort them with tongs. I did a lot of these activities in my Special Ed classroom.  You can also clean organize something like your junk drawer, or craft area, and have your kids help you sort out things. Kill two birds with one stone... I like it!
3. Art Fun, 

Wow, there are so many things that can be done with art.  One of our favorites is crayon rubbings, simply using copy paper and a crayon rub things like the bottoms of shoes, door knobs, anything.  
Make picture collages take old magazines etc, and let your kids make collages of things they like, or things that start with the letter P, or things that are blue, or places they want to go, etc., etc., etc,
Jello Art, let kids make a design out of elmers glue, then put magic dust (jello) over the design, and see it take color.
 Play Dough:  Make some salt dough, then become sculptures! Easy cheap entertainment.
4. Scavenger Hunts
There is something about a 'hunt' which gets everyone excited. Hunt for colors, letters in the alphabet, smells, etc. etc.  It is really fun to have kids pick from a hat something they will have to 'hunt' for. They could find things that are small, orange, the letter s, etc.  Have a time limit and come back and share your spoils!

5. Games, the obvious, and not so obvious ones
Everyone loves a game, sometimes finding a game for kids of different ages can be challenging, these are a few of the games my kids enjoy.
Uno, Animal Game (act out an animal and we have to guess), Duck, Duck, Goose, Indoor crawling Tag, Hide and SeekTwister, Indoor hop scotch.

6. Play with your Food

This past weekend my lunch options of hot dogs, sandwiches, or mac and cheese, seemed pretty grim, and unexciting.  My oldest daughter whos favorite phrase is 'What are we going to do next?', was not impressed.  So I simply put the options for the main course, a side dish (carrots with dip, grapes, or oranges), and our drink options in three separate bowls.  Each of my kids got to pick one of the items that we would all have for lunch, and all of the sudden lunch was fun.

Growing up my sister and I would come up with elaborate funky coded menusWe would have clever (or so we thought) false names for each course, main dish, meal, drink, and even a utensil.  Everyone would then pick there meal, not knowing what they would get or with what utensil they would eat it with. So if you chose the 'Fish bate, Yellow Mush, Witches Brew, to eat with a rake, you might be eating Spaghetti, apple sauce, and chocolate milk to eat with a fork.  We had a lot of fun doing this!

Have an indoor picnic, enough said! 
7. Make Music
You can (1) find the 80's youtube channel and jam out with your kids like it is 1987, they will appreciate you for this, I promise.  Or you can (2) get out the old jars, jingle bells, oatmeal containers etc, and make your own band!
8. Mad Scientist
 Kids love to get dirty with science.  Fortunately you can do a lot of fun science experiments with stuff you have around the house.  This past weekend we did the milk experiment, from one of my favorite blogs, 'Come Together Kids'.  This blog has so many fabulous activities, and science experiments for kids.
9 . Internet Games
 I do not let my kids play on the computer much, so if they get to, it is a big deal. For my younger kids we stick to, for my grade schooler we play! Or if we are in the mood for an adventure we can all crowd around the table and see what the latest 'Cake Wrecks' are.
10. Snail Mail      
Make someones day brighter by sending them a letter the old fashioned way.  Or even make a post card. I love getting snail mail that does not involve bills! 

I like to Link to these great parties!

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  1. or 11. Move to Australia. It's really hot here (last week in Sydney it was 113 degrees, which is really really hot!!!) and the beach is wonderful with beautiful clear water and great waves to catch.....but then again everyone goes back to school next week which means summer is over for another year.....

  2. Building a fort is a favorite at Aunt Kassi's house... seems like most kiddos don't know how to entertain themselves inside anymore without something electronic... LAME!

  3. What a wonderful post! :) I remember cabin fever when my kids were young and now I long for a few days off in a row at home / never satisfied, lol! :)

    I have a PVC quilt frame turned into a TENT in the grandkids toy room upstairs...they LOVE IT


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