Thursday, September 27, 2012

Weekend Show Off Party 9/27

Welcome to the Weekend!

For the update on my house this week... I have WALLS!  Yeah, I am dreaming of all the fun things I can decorate them with.  Hopefully by next week we might actually have a roof, imagine that! 

I just love to see how people put there own twists and spins on projects I created here on Ladybird Ln.  Look at Being Inspired Blog's take on the fabric maze, it is so much fun!

I have been having a sewing frenzy at my house, and it might be reflected in my pic's this week!  I really like JAQs studios chevron quilt, so much fun!

{Crunchy BBQ Chicken}
Wait Til Your Father Comes Home made delicious looking Crunchy BBQ Chicken! I think everything taste better with fried onions, would you agree?

And the Blog of the week is number 65,  Baking Blissful!  She made some delightful looking waffle sandwiches!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Meet WoNkY WoNdErFuL!

I am so excited to introduce Nicole of Wonky Wonderful! She has such a fun blog, I know you will love it as much as I do!

Hi There LadyBird Ln Folks!  I'm Nicole, visiting from Wonky Wonderful.  I am beyond excited to be here at Ladybird Ln.  First, I must thank Carlee for giving me this amazing opportunity.  I am a total rookie with five months of blogging under my belt and this is my first official guest post.

Wonky Wonderful began as a hobby and has quickly evolved into a passion.  The best part of blogging is meeting and being inspired by so many interesting and talented people.  I also love having a creative outlet to share my craft projects, diy natural products, crochet patterns and recipes.  I am thrilled to give you all a peek into my Wonky Wonderful world.

The entire month of August was dedicated to frozen summertime treats such as ice cream, slushies, smoothies, granitas and frozen yogurt like this Blackberry FroYo.

My daughter especially enjoyed August because she is my official taste tester and model as you can see from my Orange Creamsicle photo.

When I'm not making tasty treats for my kiddo you can find me with yarn & a hook.
This Crocheted Drink Carrier is the first pattern that I have created and shared on my blog.  I also have a few more patterns in the works that will be posted in the near future.

My newest interest is making natural, chemical-free products such as this luxurious Coconut Salt Scrub.
It is a super quick, simple and cheap project ... My favorite kind!

I hope you decide to check out these and my many other Wonky Wonderful projects.
Thanks again Carlee for having me as a guest on your awesome blog!

Thanks Nicole, you are welcome on Ladybird Ln anytime! (PS, I have the coconut salt scrub on my to do list!)

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Welcome to the Weekend

Hello Everyone!  Welcome to the Weekend!
Ladybird Ln

I know this is a bit of an idiom, but I can not believe how busy these few weeks have been!  I guess starting a new job, adding on to your house, and just living takes it toll! Our house is going great... we have walls!  Pictures to come next week!

Here were a couple of posts that caught my eye last week!

Vixen Made made a shirt into leggins, how fun is that!

Lady Behind The Curtain - Spiced Apple Cupcakes with Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough Frosting 

Doesn't this Spiced Apple Cookie from Lady Behind the Curtain look delicious?


I love quilts! This Bucket List quilt from Sea Quilts is just darling!  It would be such a cute wall hanging!

And the blog of the week is lucky linky number 6!
#Strawberry #Froyo -

Wonky Wonderful shares a recipe for Homemade Strawberry Fro You!

Monday, September 17, 2012

DIY Vintage Wedding Invitations

So, most of you who follow this blog know that I got married last month, YYAAAAAAAAYYYYYY! (Yes, I am still in that ultra-annoying, everything smells like flowers, my husband looks like Thor, is that the halleluiah chorus singing, phase.) You will also know that here at Ladybird Ln my sister and I love to do chic projects that look like they cost a fortune, but hey, five bucks later we’re in business, projects. Welcome to my wedding. I have luxury taste, and a poor man’s budget; so I challenged myself to make a beautiful, vintage garden party wedding, on a budget of $5,000 dollars. Ladies and Gentlemen, with a little bit of elbow grease, a heck of a lot creativity, and wonderful support, it can be done! Last week you saw my fantastic crystal cake stands, this week you will see my vintage air-mail inspired DIY wedding invitations.

As a graphic designer, I knew the first thing I wanted to do was design Michael Berry and I a logo. I loved the symbolism of skeleton keys, and definitely had to incorporate them!

The entire theme of the wedding was super vintage, overly romantic everything. I knew my invitations were my first chance to give my guests a taste of what was to come with my wedding, and I was couldn't wait to get started! There is nothing more romantic than hand-calligraphy fonts (believe me, I am a font fiend) and when paired with the old time typewriter font, the final product turned out beautiful. I created a bleed so the words literally flowed right off the page. Hopefully just like they would when writing a love letter back in Jane Austen’s day. I also incorporated phrases like “half-past six in the evening” and "to celebrate their love and lives together" to keep with the vintage theme. I wanted the ceremony invites and RSVP cards simple and beautiful; I loved the eroded symbols on the bottom of each. We printed the invitations and our pictures on linen paper so it gave them an old world texture and hint of color. 

Keeping with the airmail theme we wrapped the entire invitation in string and put a tag on it to seal the deal. We even kept our envelopes vintage by using linen envelopes and a personalized rubber stamp with our return address and “kindly deliver to:” text.

All in all, I am extremely happy with how they turned out. Not only did we have custom, one of a kind design. All of our guests received what looked like a love letter sent from a world (and century) away. Final cost (including stamp & envelope): $.84 each. Don't you worry, more wedding extravaganza to come. 

Thank you so much for stopping by. No really, you're amazing.

We like to LINK to these great parties!

Make it a great day, 

Alyssa August

Friday, September 14, 2012

Weekend Show Off Party!

Welcome to the Weekend!

I am so sorry this is a day late, as you know we are doing a home addition, and the excavation crew accidentally cut my Internet wire :( 

Ladybird Ln
Speaking of our home addition,

this week we have been doing extremely exciting things like digging a new sewer line! My little boy is loving all of the big tractors, in fact the biggest track hoe has even been able to spend the night at our house! (My son could not believe it) Today they started working on the floor over the basement... squeal!

So here are some of my favorites projects from Last week...

Hugs and Punches turned her stained white dress into this beautiful pink dress. Dyeing an article of clothing is on my to do list and she has a lot of great tips!
The Secret Life of Samara made a super cute and easy birthday cake!  I really like this post because one of my good friends decorated a cake exactly like this for her sons birthday and it was a hit!

Vixen Made celebrated her daughters birthday in a very FANCY way!

And the blog of the week is lucky linky number 105!  Creative Carmella gave her jewelry box a makeover, isn't it darling?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tangled Birthday Bash

SO my little girl turned seven a few weeks ago, where does the time go?  She insisted on a Tangled birthday, which was alright with me!  If you are not too familiar with my blog, you might not know I love birthday parties... but I don't like stress.  So I try to give my kids fun birthday parties, but not necessarily complicated birthdays.  I don't do a friend birthday party every year, but this was a friend birthday year!


  I made an invitation using Photoshop, and printed it off on card stock.  We sent the invites to her friends in the mail.  This was fun because we could talk about how to address an envelope, and learn to write our address. Plus who does not love getting something in the mail (that is not bills).

What Tangled party would be complete without Pascel?  This Pascel is made from foam shapes.  I had each pascel ready in a plastic bag to assemble for each kid.  I found this idea on Pinterest, but I could not find the original source, it was just a picture!

The highlight of the party was the pinata!  I don't like buying expensive pinatas, I would rather put the money into fun stuff inside.  I saw this idea on Pinterest from Scott and Maran and Three Cuties! We made a pinata out of a box, covered in a little duct tape, wrapped it in white paper, and put a Flynn Ryder Wanted Poster on the outside!

The best part was beating it with a frying pan!  It took them quite a while to bust the pinata open. I filled the pinata with school supplies... shameless I know. (I did have a small amount of candy). But the kids enjoyed it, and I didn't have to worry too much about my sweet diabetic niece.

The birthday girl had fun opening presents!

To complete the party we had Rapunzel Tower Cupcakes, I know I am not the best decorator, but the kids enjoyed them!

The birthday girl choose to have Aebleskivers for our family birthday dinner!  I love this toothless girl!

I like to LINK to these great parties!
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Weekend Show Off Party!

Hi Friends, Welcome to the Weekend!
Ladybird Ln

OK, here is the home addition update this week.  We have basement walls!  

This is definitely the picture of the week, where you can see my house and cement trucks on either side filling the basement walls.

Maybe next week we will even have a floor!

Okay onto features!

Mom on Timeout shared 10 tips on taking pictures of food! 

Sew Can do shared how to make a beautiful gathered pillow!  Pillows have been on my mind as I think about decorating my new master bedroom!

#Healthy 50/50 #Smoothie -
Wonky Wonderful shared a delicious, and weight conscience Orange Smoothie!

And the blog of the week is lucky linky #111
Can you believe they found this table on the side of the road?  Mrs. White Twig and Tea refinished this great roadside find!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gee I really Love You---Wedding Cake Stands for under $5

My sister Alyssa's wedding reception was Epic, there is no other way to describe it...  She is an event planner, and this was HER event!
 The end result was beautiful, quirky, charming, and magical! 
 This is not to mention she did it on a shoe string budget!
Instead of doing one huge post, I thought I would break it up into little posts. That way the little handmade touches of the wedding do not get lost. Today, I want to share the cake stands.

 They turned out so beautiful, and were so simple to make!  Alyssa went to local thrift stores (DI's if you are from Utah), and found interesting glass vases and platters.

 All she did was hot glue the vases to the platters. This way with a hair dryer, you could undo the cake stand if you wanted. If you wanted a more permanent solution, you can use E6000.
And the best part... these beautiful cake stands cost less than $5 each

Alyssa and Michael did not want a traditional wedding cake, so instead of wedding cake they went with cheesecake.  The cheesecakes were from the Lion House, they were not only beautiful but delicious as well!

The best part is we still have some in the freezer for later!  
If you are going to make these stands, I would suggest testing it before you put the cake on with something heavy.  Cakes can be much heavier than you think! 

We got so many compliments on how beautiful the cake look... no one even suspected these cake stands were homemade! I am just itching to show you more, but that will have to do for today!

I like to LINK at these great parties!
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