Friday, April 27, 2012

Welcome to the Weekend!

Ladybird Ln
First off, I have been so overwhelmingly busy the last few weeks, sorry for the lack of posts, during the spring and summer my goal is to get one new craft or recipe tutorial up per week, I have to slow it down a little to stay sane and enjoy the sunshine.

I have a great blogger here today!  It is my friend Kara from Happy Go Lucky, she was one of my first blogging friends, and a loyal Weekend Show Off guest, so I am so excited to introduce you all to her fun blog, if you do not know her already!

Hi all you lovely Ladybird Ln readers!   I love partying here every weekend so I'm super excited to be featured as the blog of the week.  Plus, I've been a huge Ladybird Ln fan since I first started blogging so this has made my whole week!

Happy Go Lucky

My name is Kara and I blog over at Happy Go Lucky.  I'm a 6th grade reading teacher, Navy wife and mother to a very spunky 3 year old.  I started my blog to help pass the time while my husband was out to sea.  I love sharing easy and inexpensive craft ideas, DIY projects and activities the entire family can enjoy.

Let me show you a few of my favorite projects:
I recently shared this fruit bowl.  Can you guess what I used to make it?  It's a vinyl record wrapped in jute:)

I love making jewelry!  Here are some earrings I made recently.

I also love creating and sharing fun printables with everyone.

If you get a chance, I would love for you to come visit me.  I love making new friends, reading new blogs and being inspired!
Thank you Carlee for having me today.  I'm truly honored!
I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My dirty {foliage} secret--revealed!

Friends, it is that time a year again, I am so excited to be getting my Pots ready... I thought I would repost this because it has been my MOST POPULAR post... EVER!  If you are potting plants do not pass these simple tips up, especially if you forget to water you plants... like me!
Everything I learned about gardening I learned from my mom! She always has amazing potted flowers! Last summer she taught me a wonderful 'dirty' secret to keep your potted plants looking fresh... Do you want to know what it is?
Well here it is....
Yup, you are not seeing things, I put a diaper in the bottom of all my pots! Why, because a diaper will help retain the moisture in your pot. Last summer, I was amazed at how diapers really helped my pots stay moist, especially since I am not always the most dedicated gardner!
Sure, you could go buy commercial water hydrating crystals at the nursery, for a pretty penny. However, if you are like me, you have an abundance of disposable diapers at your, well, disposal! Most, if not all, diapers contain water absorbing polymer crystals that absorb water, and expand (that is why the diapers get puffy) when wet. When put in a flower pot, the polymers in the diaper absorb water when the plant is watered, and becomes a reservoir for the plant when it is dry, keeping your plant moist.

I thought I would show you step by step how I planted my container plants. I am really spoiled because I can go to my mom's green house, and use her stuff!

Step 1: Bark
Put bark in the very bottom of your pot. We used a mixture of bark, and old soil from last years pot to place in the bottom.

Step 2: Diaper
Make holes on the outside of the (unused-of course) diaper, so the water can drain. Place the diaper with the inside up on top of the bark.

Step 3: Potting Soil
Put about half the amount of potting soil you think you will need over the diaper layer. You can buy potting soil at the store, or you can make your own. This is my mom's special brew:
25% old potting soil from last years pot
25% Peat moss - helps retain water
25% Vermiculite - de-clumping agent
25% New potting soil
I am so lucky to have a mom who knows this stuff! Her soil is always fabulous, and she shares with me!

Step 4: Arrange Flowers
Now that you have a little soil in your pot, arrange the flowers the way you want them. I like a tall spike in the middle, and then lots of different colors and textures around the pot. I always include one wave petunia or super petunia, that will hopefully droop over the pot.

Step 5: Finishing
Pack soil around the arranged flowers. Add some slow release plant food granules to the top! Your beautiful pot is complete!
Here is a peak at some of my moms darling pots in the greenhouse!
My daughter likes to ask, Grandma, why is it called a greenhouse, it is not green?
I am so excited to put my flowers on my front porch--if only it would stop raining!
Enjoy, Carlee
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekend Show Offs

Wow, it seems like it should be Friday, and it is only Tuesday, it must be spring time! 

 I am loving these cute hats from Sugar Tart Crafts, so fun, and creative!

 What do you do when your glass breaks on your patio table?  Well turn it into a picnic table of course!  Go Check out the Lady in the Red Rocker's new table!

 Okay, this Nutella BLT looks so fabulous, from Will Cook for Smiles!

The blog of the week this week (It is one of my favorites) is Happy Go Lucky, Link number 44!
Kara from Happy Go Lucky shares some cute Earth Day Repurposed creations!

If you were featured feel free to grab a featured button!
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Weekend Show Off Party!

Welcome to the Weekend!
Ladybird Ln
I have had a bummer of a week, which will (hopefully) commence with a root canal tomorrow, so I am ready for a PARTY, and to be inspired by your creativity!
Crafting for a Cause
Just a quick reminder it is time to link up your blankets for the LINUS PROJECT, it is such a fabulous cause, I hope you will all participate!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

If I had a Million Dollars... A teacher Appreciation idea!

No one deserves a million dollars more than our teachers.  Unfortunately I do not have a million dollars, but I did ask my daughters kindergarten class what they would buy their teacher if they had a million dollars to buy her a gift.
I took these answers and made them into a book for her.   
The book started out by saying, If we had a million dollars we would know just what to do, we would buy a special present to show how much we appreciate you.  On the next page it started out, If I had a million dollars I would buy you ... And then the proceeding pages were the students and their answers.
I took a picture of each of the students, and recorded their answers (So cute).   I also had them write their name on a lined piece of paper, I scanned their name in, and put it into the book as well.  I don't think their is anything sweeter then little kid handwriting.
The answers were priceless everything from a red ball to a new bike!  
With Kindergarteners it would not matter if you asked them if they had a million dollars or just five dollars their answers would be the same!
Mrs. Kellet absolutely loved it, the book brought tears to her eyes. You would not need to make a fancy digital scrapbook, you could easily make this a paper book, with the students hand drawn pictures of what they would buy.
 I used Heritage Makers to make this book.  I love Heritage Makers, I have been using them for years.

Here is a little FYI, in case your interested in Heritage Makers, please note, I am not a Heritage Makers Consultant, nor did I in any way got paid for my opinion.  The pro's are, they have literally thousands of digital scrapbook collections, they give you a blank canvas, and let you use whatever you would like, if you are a premier member.  Their quality is paramount, I have at least five books of my own at home, and cherish each one.  The program is Internet based, so all of your books are saved securely online.  This is really nice because it does not take room up on your computer.  The overwhelming con is the price.  I feel they are of superior quality to other brands, but you pay for it.  I feel like it is a fair price, but I would not qualify it as a great deal... So there you have it!

I like to LINK to these parties.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Linus Project Link Up!

Crafting for a Cause

It is now time to link up your blanket creations, you are going to donate to the Linus Project!

Project Linus is an amazing organization that collects handmade blankets and distributes them to children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need. Inspired by Charles Schulz’s PEANUTS® character, Linus, Project Linus's mission is to provide comfort to these children with the help of a security blanket. Volunteers, or "blanketeers" as they are lovingly referred to, from all over the country create, collect, and distribute these handmade blankets.

Since Project Linus began in 1995, there have been over 4 million blankets delivered to children in need, and there are now close to 400 chapters nationwide. Project Linus receives thousands of letters and thank you notes every year from children and their families who are touched that a stranger would take the time to make something for them.

You can find out more information HERE.

I wanted to leave you with a story of someone who received a Linus Blanket, while at the hospital.

Lily was an 8 month old who entered into the Arizona Burn Center with a soup scald burn to her leg and diaper area.  Her mom was overly distraught, and attempting to console both the hurting infant, as well as herself.  I walked into this situation, and immediately acted. For a child of this young age, music, parent comfort holds/touch, and comforting items such as blankets and binkies are the best support.

While mom was rocking the child in her arms, and the nurse working to address her wound care, I ran to our Andrea's Closet storage area, and selected a soft Project Linus blanket.  As soon as Lily's mom saw the beautiful blanket, she burst into tears.  Gently swaddling her little one in the blanket, she started singing to her, and I joined in.  That child was able to remain calm throughout her burn wound cleaning and rebandaging - - remarkable for an 8 month old!

Mom and Lily left with words of gratitude not only for their burn care...but for those who made such beautiful blankets of comfort - - kudos to you, Project Linus members!!!

Nothing is more comforting then a warm blanket, and making a blanket DOES NOT have to be difficult.  With your child you could make fleece blankets, use your scraps up and make a couple of baby blankets.  Every blanket makes a difference in someones life!

Please link up your blankets HERE.  Please only link up blankets you intend to donate to the Linus Project, or another blanket donation project.  

I will randomly choose one link from this party, and give them a complete Facebook makeover, includeing a timeline cover, and two custom pages.. or if Facebook is not your thing, I can do some other form of Graphic design for you!

I know this isn't much, I just want in some way to express my gratitude to those who give back!

Also check out Kara of Petal's and Picots Facebook page for a chance to win even more awesome prizes!

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Welcome to the Weekend!
Ladybird Ln
I am so excited to introduce the blog of the week!  It is seriously one of the cutest blog I have seen in quite awhile!  Fonda, has to be one of the funnest Grandma's around.  She has themed 'Gramma Camps'  that are pretty incredible... Like a Charlie in the Chocolate Factory theme, complete with fizzy lifter drinks, and lickable wallpaper no joke go see HERE!  Go check out the Adventures of Grandma Luvvee!

Welcome to the world of Gramma Luvlee and please join us on some of our High Flying Adventures! As a child, whenever someone asked me what I wanted to be I always said a Grandma. Now that I've reached that goal my new goal is to create magical memories with my grandkids. For the past eight years I've dreamed up a wonderland for them to share adventures with their cousins. For a week each summer they come to Camp Gramma Luvlee where they can stretch their imaginations and fly!

I'm really a frustrated Disney Imagineer, thinking up grandiose projects that my husband has to create for me (hence the very large pirate ship in my backyard). I always have a theme for the camp, including, but not limited to:

 "The Love Boat Around the World Cruise"
With the Original Love Boat Crew!

"It's About Time - A Time Travel Adventure"

"Let's Go To The Movies"

...And much, much more. I hope you'll join us on some of our crazy adventures!
Gramma Luvlee

Thanks Gramma Luvlee, will you be my Gramma?

Now let's see what you have been up to!

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Teacher Appreciation Door ideas!

I am starting to think about Teacher Appreciation week, at our school we decorate the teachers doors for the week.  These are last years doors, and I thought you might like to take a peek!

No one deserves an appreciation week more than teachers! As a previous teacher I know just how much it takes to be a teacher, it really is a big part of who you are. Teaching takes up much more time then just being in the classroom. I was excited to help with teacher appreciation week at my daughters school. They have a tradition of decorating the teachers doors during teacher appreciation week. The PTA also decorates the librarians, cooks, Teaching Assistants, Principal's, secretary's, and Janitor's door, it is a lot of fun!
I helped decorate my daughters teachers door with the room mother. We made flowers out of cupcake liner's and put each child's picture inside. We had the pictures of both the morning and afternoon kindergarten classes. The ends of the cupcake liners are colored with food coloring.
I think it turned out pretty cute.... but we soon learned we were rookies in the door decorating business. Some of the moms made incredible doors, so I thought I would share a few....well Ok maybe a bunch, it was hard to narrow down!
This is the principal's door, may the force be with him!
I got a picture of this door in progress, I love the Hot Air Balloon
You know I am a sucker for kites, I just love this door!
I got a kick out of this door, I loved all of the funny sayings and pictures!
I love the dimensional look of this door, I wish the picture turned out better, it is super cute!
This was one of my favorite's I love the Owls, and the cute saying (Below)!
Owl of Your Students are spreading their wings to say...

Whoo's the best teacher in the USA?
Mrs. Henrie!

Whoo do we all Love?
Mrs. Henrie

Whoo? Whoo? Whoo?
Mrs. Henrie

You are Wise and Wonderful Too
You go out on a limb and teach us what to do
Thanks Mrs. Henrie!  We owl love you!

This door was for the janitors' I think they are worth a million!
I thought this one really was adorable, I like the 3D look!
I thought the fish were great!
I saved my most favorite for Last! This picture does not 'dew' this door justice, the 'Mountain Dew' is round and comes off the door about 7 inches! Mr. Syme loves his Mountain Dew, so this door fits him perfectly! Such a creative idea!
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