Thursday, November 1, 2012

November is Turkey Month!

Ladybird Ln Turkey Month
It is November, which means it is Turkey Month!  Being an American turkey farmer, Thanksgiving has always been close to my heart!  This November, I am going to invite you into my home and farm for a glimpse of my life as a turkey farmer!  We will also have fun turkey related crafts and recipes from myself, and fellow bloggers!  You can get in on the action as well. I will have a turkey linky party, and turkey prizes throughout the month! At the bottom of this post is links to the different crafts, recipes, field trips, and thankful stories showcased this month on Ladybird Ln.
Thanksgiving around my house is huge!  I know that I have mentioned it time and again on this blog,  but in case you missed the memo, I am a turkey farmer!  I am excited to devote November to Turkey themed crafts, recipes, and even field trips to my farm!  I am also having some fabulous guest bloggers to share their turkey best!

My husband is a sixth generation American farmer, he is  third generation turkey farmer!  We feel so blessed to raise our children with an agricultural background, like the generations before us.

Even though things have changed around the farm in the last 70 years, we hope to instill the same values of integrity, hard work, and dedication  of the generations before us.  This is my husbands grandfather, and my father in law, and his brother!  I think this picture is so tender.
This is my father in law a little older, with his dad and siblings. There have been generations of hardwork and fun at the farm!

This is one of my favorite pictures of my husband and sister in law at the farm!

This is my husband and his siblings plus a cousin!  Little kids, and big kids, love the baby turkeys!

Our kids get so excited to help with the baby turkeys! They love the farm.
 And I am so happy they have the opportunity... and I am not just saying it, my kids do LOVE the farm, and so do I.
I love the values my kids learn, the good nature fun we have, and yes I even love the turkeys.... most days!  It is a lot of hard work, but it is worth it!  The goal at our farm is to improve our turkey and farm operation through technology and research, provide quality care of our turkeys, and maintain the values and principles of the generations before us.

Our farm is part of a cooperative of family turkey farmers, that make up Moroni Feed Company.  Our turkeys are labeled under the Norbest brand.

So I hope you will come join the fun... and no worries there is something in it for you too! I hope this will be a great month! Help me spread the word by adding a cute button to your blog!

Ladybird Ln Turkey Month

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  1. I love seeing your pictures. I will never forget that distinct smell driving back to Snow College school from a weekend at home. Turkeys galore! And of course Sanpete marinated turkey barbecue. YUM!

  2. I LOVE IT!! :) I was in the local grocery store on Halloween and they already had Christmas decorations out and UGH ....that is just too early. I was going to do a little post on my blog about that and I think I'll use your Turkey Month in it ! ( not right this minute but when I get some time this weekend )

    I love your post and beautiful pics! :)

  3. How great! I liked learning more about your farm!

  4. Update I did the post this morning before work...:)

  5. Love the old photos showing the generations at the farm. This post is such a nice tribute to your husband and his family as well. Very nice! :)



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