Wednesday, November 7, 2012

JOY, Framed Glass Art! {Martha Paints}

I know I know it is STILL turkey month, and don't worry I have much more Turkey in store, but today I am going to switch gears!  I had the wonderful opportunity from Plaid Crafts to try out some Martha Stewart Paints!  Yes Christmas has come early for me this year!  Martha (I am sure she sent them personally) sent me a beautiful box full of her signature Martha Stewart paints, stencils, and brushes to try!
Martha Stewart Glass paints are so much fun to work with, this was my first time working with glass paints, it is such an easy medium to work with!  I created versatile Framed Glass Art, that I displayed in three different ways!

 Specific Items Used:
Martha Stewart Crafts Adhesive Glass Silkscreens Elegant Script font Stencils
Martha Stewart Crafts Adhesive Glass Silkscreens Snowflake Stencils
Martha Stewart Glass Paint Frost (Wedding Cake White)
Martha Stewart Glass Paint Fine Glitter (Florentine Gold)
Martha Stewart Glass Paint (Habanero Red, Gloss) 
Martha Stewart Dauber brush for Glass
Martha Stewart Squeegee
Photo Frames, most of mine were 3.5 x 5 inches. Thrift stores are a great place to look!

Step 1: Prep your Frames
You may need to do some prep work on your frames, at least I did. I purchased all my frames at a thrift store, each frame cost 50 cents or less! A couple frames were maroon, so I spray painted the frames white.  I also painted the middle frame  with Martha Multi-surface white (wedding Cake is the official color) paint, and put a couple coats of Martha Stewart Coarse Glitter Acrylic Paint (name: Sugar Cube).  The glitter paint is so much fun!

Step 2: Apply the Stencils
Now comes the fun part, Silkscreen Stencils! This was my first time using a silkscreen stencil and they are fabulous, they are actually backed on a small screen, so they can achieve really fine details. Before you begin, make sure your glass is very clean.  Cut out the silkscreen stencils you will be using, then plan out the design you want on each frame.

1-Remove backing from stencil and carefully place it on the frame. I applied the paint in a line and smoothed it out with a squeegee.

2- I used the Dauber (love this tool) to create an even soft textured look on each silkscreen stencil

3- Remove the silkscreen stencil while the paint is STILL WET!  After that it is really easy to clean these stencils with warm water.

4- Secure the glass to the inside of your frame by placing hot glue in each of the corners on the back inside of the frame.

STEP 3: Decorate

To finish off the frames, I hot-glued ribbon to top of each frame, so they would be easy to hang!

They turned out just beautiful.  They would be a fun and unique banner.  I simply attached the frames to a rope with some office supply alligator clips that I spray painted gold.

I placed them on three wooden candle holders I had on hand.  This would be a beautiful centerpiece or mantel decoration!

Finally wouldn't it be beautiful to have a Christmas tree full of different sizes and shapes of Snowflake framed art, I am seriously in love with these!

Here is a close up view, so you can see just how much detail these silkscreen stencils give, it is pretty amazing! I am so excited to do more fun projects with them!

Thank you Plaid, Martha Stewart, and Blueprint Social for this wonderful opportunity! It is my goal this year to make most of my Christmas presents, and this will help!
Go check out other great projects that used Martha Paints!

I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Martha Stewart Paints and The Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are completely my own.

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  1. SOOO cute, Carlee! I have to get those snowflake silkscreens!!

  2. These are so pretty! I love them used as bunting. Very creative. Great job!

  3. Lovely! I would like to try some of these items!

  4. Carlee they all turned out beautiful!! I really like them in the tree but I think the candle holders maybe my favorite. I'm totally going to have to check those stencils out! Thanks for sharing them.:)

  5. Nicely done, Carlee! I really love the idea of making a garland out of the frames, or hanging them from the candle holders on the mantle. Wonderful photographs that really showcase your project. I love it!

  6. These are really pretty and SO versatile! I love how they look hanging as a banner!

  7. These turned out awesome! I need to get some of these Martha products ASAP!!

  8. Turned out beautifully! Great job!
    Barbara at Chase the Star

  9. These are really beautiful! And so simple. Great job! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I have shared these on my Some Kind of Wonderful party! I really love them!

  10. That's beautiful! And perfect for the holiday season!


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