Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Gee I really Love You... Handmade Fabulous Wedding Open House!

As you all know, my adorable sister Alyssa got married this past July!  Her new in-laws threw the happy couple an Open House in their backyard to celebrate the occasion.

It was a great evening with food, family, and fun!

The decorations were all handmade and fabulous!  Her cute sister-in-law Stacy made darling pennants to decorate the yard.  They were made out of lace, a linen fabric, and berry material!  The yard was also dotted with Chinese lanterns!

The lace really adds, don't you think?

And if that was not cute enough she made a little pennant for the card table!  She found the little case at JoAnne's!

For the tables, they arranged flowers in mason jars and had a small mason jar with a floating candle. 

They purchased the flowers at various grocery stores around town, and made them into beautiful arrangements.

  Every table was different and unique, and you would have NEVER guessed these flowers were purchased from the grocery store!

What would a party be without food! They served cookies, fruit, and ice cream with all the toppings you could stand!

I think I might be the only grown up who still loves gummy bears in my ice cream...

Don't they make a great couple!


  1. SO pretty! Love all the glass jars and the flowers. It all goes together so well!

  2. I LOVE all of these decorations! So simple and SO beautiful. And I am so excited to hear more about your house renovations!

  3. So beautiful and no your not the only one that likes gummy bears in your ice cream! :)

  4. Great party ideas! And a lovely day too :)

  5. I love that the clear glass on the table was all different shapes! What a lovely party! -Marci

  6. Love it! What a fun post to read and I love the Mason jars...

    The only TROUBLE is that now I want ice cream and don't have any:(

  7. That's so beautiful. I love the lace! Visiting from the TT&J party!

    sara @

  8. I'm so glad that I'm following you! Gorgeous decorations and your pics captured all the details. Thanks for posting on Naptime Crafters!



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