Monday, August 27, 2012

Crazy, Busy, but so SO exciting NEWS!

If you have been following Ladybird Ln  for any amount of time, you know I love my little house.

 The house was built in 1914, it has a simple arts and crafts design, and is right in the middle of a large acre lot.  The only problem is we are growing out of it.

Our family of five is a little cramped in the two bedroom one bathroom home, so we have been looking at our options, which are basically add on, move into a bigger home, or build a home.

After much time thinking about this, we have decided to add on... in a big way!  We will take off the really bad back porch addition (built in 1934) and add on to the original home. We will be adding on a Master Bedroom (with a bathroom and walk in closet... SQUEAL), two bedrooms, a family room, a bathroom in the basement... Re-adding our laundry room and mudroom. And a PANTRY... I am a very visual person so I am adding a picture of our floor plan so you can see what I mean.

Here is the plan for the main level

Here is the plan for the basement!

This was hubby and I's master bedroom... yup it might be the size of your walk in closet! This was part of the bad back porch addition, so it is now torn off... we are sleeping in the family room for the time being!

Here is the view of the back porch before!

The back porch walls were filled with adobe bricks... like were you would think insulation should be, they were HEAVY! So grateful for hubby, my brothers and Dad for helping us out!

See Ya Later Porch!

  Bad back porch.... Gone, I have wondered why we didn't do this years ago! It is kind of fun having a back patio, now all we need to do is strike up the band and have a dance party in our back yard!

I will have to remember the beauty of my yard in the spring, while I am cramped up in our house during the remodeling process...

Yup that is our bed in the living room!

So we might have some fun decorating posts in the future here at Ladybird LN, and I can't wait!!

I like to LINK to these parties!

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  1. Wow! You have some exciting time ahead. It will be so fun to see when it's done!

  2. What a cute house! And how exciting that you get to A: Not move, and B: have fun planning your new space. We once had to sleep in our living room too, although it was because the AC was in that room and not the bedroom. :)


  3. That is so exciting!!! Good for you! I'm so happy you will be getting a "new house."

  4. How exciting!! Can't wait to watch the progression :)

  5. really happy for you and your family.Unfortunately, I have a weird sense of humor and began imagining your bedroom with the Christmas tree in it. Sorry

  6. How exciting!!!! It will be so fun to see how it all turns out!

  7. Just as Goldilocks finally found the perfect bowl of porridge, the perfect chair and the perfect bed, the home-owner who remodels will find the perfect house was just waiting to be discovered right under their nose the whole time. construction san francisco ca


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