Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blog of the Week Monkey See, Monkey Do!!

I am so excited to introduce you to this weeks blog of the week Monkey See, Monkey Do!  Jen has so many fun projects, she is super creative and has GREAT tutorials!

Hi, crafty friends! I’m Jen, from Monkey See, Monkey Do! I love to sew and do crafts. Most of my projects are made from scraps, upcycled clothing items, or just stuff I had that was begging to be improved upon. I try to be frugal in my craft and sewing endeavors. Here are a few of my favorite projects.

Monkey see monkey do repuposed upcycled collage 1
1) Bow Tank 2) Ruffle T-Shirt Skirt 3) Shirred Shirt 4) Banded Bottom Shirt Refashion 5) Upcycled Tote 6) 30-Minute Skirt 7) Button Sleeve Top 8) Spring Top

Monkey see monkey do repurposed and redecorated 1
1) Desk Chair Redo 2) Drawer to Shelf 3) Rocking Chair Reupholstery  

Monkey see monkey do making things for boys crafts and sewing
1) Matching Bucket Hats 2) Baby Shorts 3) Crayon Organizer 4) Bucket Hat

What influenced my blog's title? I wanted to have a blog where readers could see what I had done, whether it was a handy cleaning tip, sewing project, craft project, money saving idea or home improvement project and get the instructions needed to do the same thing.
However, the title “Monkey See, Monkey Do” now has special meaning since I have two small boys. Whatever one does, the other copies!
spring bucket hats for boys (21)
Thanks so much for asking me to guest post today, Carlee! I hope you’ll all come visit me at Monkey See, Monkey Do

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