Thursday, June 21, 2012

Weekend Show Off Party 6-21 ed.

Welcome to the Weekend! 

Ladybird Ln
I hope you are all having a great summer! Thank you all so much for your support in helping me out with the RIPPED 2 FIT challenge!  I did not make it to the top 3, but fitting into my jeans I haven't worn in years is a pretty great consolation prize!
Cookin' Up Good times shared a lightened up version of Keylime Pie!  Since I am trying to cut back on calories, I am pinning this one!
2 Crafty for my Skirt shared a fun bridal shower!  I was so excited to see this post because I am throwing a bridal shower for my little sis this weekend!
Finally, I love this You Are My Sunshine decor from Adrianne at Happy Hour!  I even helped her out a little bit, OK, it was just a tiny tiny bit, I like to take credit anyway, LOL!
And the blog of the week is lucky linky #43!!  Six-Cents shared how to make 10 freezer meals in three hours!  I love cooking in the freezer, and these meals look great! Congratulations!
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  1. Thanks for another party Carlee
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend

  2. Thank you for hosting each week. Have a great day!

  3. Thanks for hosting, thanks for the feature, THANK YOU for the graphic expertise and have a great weekend!! :D

  4. Thanks for hosting friend!!! Good luck with the bridal shower!!!

  5. Thanks for hosting this fun party for us to see other folks' projects, Carlee. These are the biggest thumbnails I have ever seen at a party...I love much easier to see what is going on in the photo.

  6. Thanks for hosting! I have awarded you the sunshine award.


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