Thursday, June 21, 2012

I am so excited to announce this weeks blog of the week! I have to admit, I have a new addiction... it is called CUPCAKE WARS!  It is a show on the Food Network, that I make my parents Tivo so I can watch it when I am over!  This weeks Blog of the Week should be on this show, because she bake a mean cupcake! Take it away Heather!
Hey everyone! My name is Heather and I'm here to tell you all about my love affair with cupcakes. First, let me start off by saying thank you to Carlee for having me as a guest today at Ladybird Ln! Congrats, lady, on the top 5 in the RIPPED challenge! What a fantastic accomplishment!! I know what a struggle weight loss can be so I'm always encouraging and supportive to my fellow life changers! I'm so excited for the opportunity to introduce myself to all of you. I graduated from culinary school in '09 and have been blessed with some really cool experiences since then. Currently, I'm working full-time at a Christian ministry in FL which provides me with the time to work on getting my bakery business started and off the ground. My favorite treats to bake are cupcakes. I just love everything about them - the many different flavor combinations, the decorations, the adorable liners, and the fact that they are single-serve, making them guilt-free indulgences! I started blogging in January after months of toying with the idea. Finally, I made a decision. I'd done enough thinking; it was time to DO something. Thus, A Cupcake Love Affair began. On my blog you'll find a lot about cupcakes, quite a bit about baking in general, and a little about me because, let's face it - while cupcakes are what brought you, the person behind the cupcakes has to be a little bit interesting for you to wanna come back. Trust me. My life is nothing, if not interesting! :) Here are a few of my favorite posts::
Sweet & Sour Strawberry Cupcakes
These cupcakes were my absolute favorite because they were made from a recipe that I developed myself. And, most importantly, they were a HUGE hit! The cake is dense but the lightness of the icing balances it out and who doesn't love a fresh strawberry?
Triple Chocolate and German Chocolate Cupcakes
These cupcakes were divine! If you're a chocolate fan - try them! Right now. Don't wait. You are seriously missing out if you don't try these little treats!
I'm shamelessly proud of these cupcakes. I just absolutely love the decorations!! The client was throwing herself an Alice themed 30th birthday party (so cool) and I was thrilled to be a part of it! :)
This was so fun! The birthday girl asked for a guilt-free treat and I had seen this idea on Pinterest. It was so gorgeous and absolutely refreshing!!
And, my most popular post so far:
Strawberry Lemonade Birthday Cake
This beauty gave me a little break from cupcakes and took me back to my original reason for culinary school - bakery style cakes. I love walking into a bakery and seeing several different cakes on display. Just wonderful! Well, I really hope you like what you see and that at least some of you decide to join me on this sweet journey! I promise to be honest about the results. Believe me. Every attempt I make in the kitchen does not end up in rainbows and sunshine (see my Lemon-Raspberry cupcakes post). I also promise to have fun! After all, cupcakes are fun, so reading about them should be as well!! Again, thank you, Carlee, for having me as a guest! Until next time, happy reading and, more importantly, happy cupcake-ing!
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  1. Thanks, lady, for giving me a spot on your blog today! As for Cupcakes Wars...well, let's just say I hope to be there someday *sigh* ;)

  2. These cupcakes are AWESOME
    One is more beautiful then the other
    It's after midnight here and my mouth is watering


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