Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Birthday... to me!

(sorry I had to sneak this funny picture in somewhere)
 Today is my birthday, and Father's Day, I love it when this happens, it is so much fun! I would like you all to join me for my Blog Birthday BASH!  This year, more than ever, I am feeling so grateful for all that I have! So the theme for this party is GRATITUDE! I am stealing this fantastic idea from my friend Kara over at Petals and Picots

Ok, it is pretty simple, this year I am turning 29.... I know what you are thinking but it is the TRUTH!  So I am going to tell you 29 things I am thankful for, and I would be so happy if you tell me what you are thankful for in the comments below... Easy as pie, Right!

              I  am grateful for... 

1. The Savior Jesus Christ, and his atoning grace, that makes an imperfect person like me able to return to HIM, and be with my family forever.

2. My Husband, this being father's day, I am feeling especially grateful for the hard work he puts in for us, his love, and infectious laugh!

3. My children, even though my house is chronically messy, my bank account mostly empty, and laundry always piled, I would not have it any other way.  They have brought me more happiness then I have ever thought possible!

4. My Dad, he is the best! My family, I know without a doubt, they would do anything for me. They have seen me at my best and at my worst and still love me. 

5. My in-laws, we have so much love and support!  My kids are so lucky to have two sets of amazing grandparents!

6. My girlfriends, who always lift me up, especially when I am down!

7.  My sweet neighbor, who always takes the time to see how we are doing, and asks about our garden, even when she knows that is full of weeds and dying.
8. Our little home.

9. My friends from all over the world who visit my blog and leave sweet comments. I count some of these online friends amongst my best of friends!

10.  A Grandmother in heaven, who I know watches out for me.

11. My Health, there was a time in my life when I did not have good health, and was unable to do the things I desired. That time has helped me appreciate the health I enjoy now.

12. Music, good music that uplifts the soul, and make you want to be better.

 13. Chocolate!!

14.  8 o'clock bedtime for my kids!

15.  Talking on the phone with my sisters.

16. Our farm, being able to raise our children like our great-grandfathers did generations before us, watching tiny birds grow, seeing our kids work, understanding the seasons, appreciating our food, and caring for our environment!

17. Good books to read!

 18. Waking up early to exercise, and my friends at my R.I.P.P.E.D. class, and SPIN class who constantly inspire me to peddle faster, jump higher, lift more, and never give up!

19. My slow cooker!

 20. Beautiful flowers, and a mom to show me how to take care of them!

21. Online shopping, seriously I don't know what people in rural areas did before this!

22.  Long rides in the car with a good book on tape, and no destination in mind.

23. The beautiful Mountains which surround me.

24.  Being able to walk to church.

25. I Love Lucy!

26.  Long cool summer nights...with crickets.

27. Cookie dough.

28. the color red!

29. My kids being SO EXCITED for MY birthday!

     What are you thankful for....

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  1. Happy Birthday to you....and to my son who today is no longer a teenager...finally!! I'm very thankful he made it...

  2. I love your red piano. :) Happy birthday!

    I am thankful for the obvious things like my family, a job, and a roof over my head. I am also thankful for breezy summer days, cozy slippers, and anything fruity served in a martini glass. ;)

  3. I LOVE your list!! I am thankful for my Savior, the amazing gift of family He has given me, and my wonderful bloggy friends :) Happy birthday, my friend!!

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  5. I have fumble fingers:[ I am thankful for my Lord and Savior and also for MY 29 yr old and my 33 yr old. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!(Remember 29 is just 18 with 11 years experience.)

  6. I love that Patty! I will use that again! Thanks everyone it has been a GREAT day!


  7. Happy birthday! What a great time to be thankful!
    I've turned 29 a few times now :) but really, I still like ask my birthdays, and will be happy to turn 34 later this year too :)

  8. Happy Birthday friend!!! Hope you had the BEST weekend! :) I am truly thankful for sweet bloggie friends like YOU! ;)

  9. What a great list and all the comments are great too. I am grateful my family, kids, the gospel, realizing talents, blogging buddies, the zoo, and to many others to think of. Thanks for making us take a minute to think of all we have.


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