Thursday, April 12, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Door ideas!

I am starting to think about Teacher Appreciation week, at our school we decorate the teachers doors for the week.  These are last years doors, and I thought you might like to take a peek!

No one deserves an appreciation week more than teachers! As a previous teacher I know just how much it takes to be a teacher, it really is a big part of who you are. Teaching takes up much more time then just being in the classroom. I was excited to help with teacher appreciation week at my daughters school. They have a tradition of decorating the teachers doors during teacher appreciation week. The PTA also decorates the librarians, cooks, Teaching Assistants, Principal's, secretary's, and Janitor's door, it is a lot of fun!
I helped decorate my daughters teachers door with the room mother. We made flowers out of cupcake liner's and put each child's picture inside. We had the pictures of both the morning and afternoon kindergarten classes. The ends of the cupcake liners are colored with food coloring.
I think it turned out pretty cute.... but we soon learned we were rookies in the door decorating business. Some of the moms made incredible doors, so I thought I would share a few....well Ok maybe a bunch, it was hard to narrow down!
This is the principal's door, may the force be with him!
I got a picture of this door in progress, I love the Hot Air Balloon
You know I am a sucker for kites, I just love this door!
I got a kick out of this door, I loved all of the funny sayings and pictures!
I love the dimensional look of this door, I wish the picture turned out better, it is super cute!
This was one of my favorite's I love the Owls, and the cute saying (Below)!
Owl of Your Students are spreading their wings to say...

Whoo's the best teacher in the USA?
Mrs. Henrie!

Whoo do we all Love?
Mrs. Henrie

Whoo? Whoo? Whoo?
Mrs. Henrie

You are Wise and Wonderful Too
You go out on a limb and teach us what to do
Thanks Mrs. Henrie!  We owl love you!

This door was for the janitors' I think they are worth a million!
I thought this one really was adorable, I like the 3D look!
I thought the fish were great!
I saved my most favorite for Last! This picture does not 'dew' this door justice, the 'Mountain Dew' is round and comes off the door about 7 inches! Mr. Syme loves his Mountain Dew, so this door fits him perfectly! Such a creative idea!
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  1. I love the idea of the doors. Do all schools do that? or just yours? Who organises it etc?
    I live in Australia and we don't do anything like that. Mind you as a teacher it would just be my luck to get a really bad one done for

  2. This is such an awesome idea. These are definitely more creative than what I had at my school! so cute!

  3. Cathy, I don't know if all the schools do it, but I think most have a teach appreciation week. The PTA (Parent Teacher Association) organizes it, and parents decorate the doors. It was a lot of fun to see all of the creativity! I love teachers, thanks for stopping by my blog!

    What part of Australia are you from, I was lucky enough to visit the Canberra, and Sidney areas... and LOVED it! Thanks for stopping by,


  4. I love your blog.
    I live in Sydney in the southern suburbs.
    I think that teacher appreciation week is a great idea. There is nothing like that here.

  5. As a retired teacher I love the idea of arriving at my classroom and being greeted with such an artistic door!

  6. How thoughtful to honor the teachers is such a special way. These were very creative. Thank you for sharing. They give us some ideas. Havea great weekend. Jo-Ann

  7. I cannot read the smaller words on the poem that goes with the owls...could you post it please? Thanks a bunch.

  8. OK, Laura, I updated it for you, hope that helps~

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