Wednesday, April 18, 2012

If I had a Million Dollars... A teacher Appreciation idea!

No one deserves a million dollars more than our teachers.  Unfortunately I do not have a million dollars, but I did ask my daughters kindergarten class what they would buy their teacher if they had a million dollars to buy her a gift.
I took these answers and made them into a book for her.   
The book started out by saying, If we had a million dollars we would know just what to do, we would buy a special present to show how much we appreciate you.  On the next page it started out, If I had a million dollars I would buy you ... And then the proceeding pages were the students and their answers.
I took a picture of each of the students, and recorded their answers (So cute).   I also had them write their name on a lined piece of paper, I scanned their name in, and put it into the book as well.  I don't think their is anything sweeter then little kid handwriting.
The answers were priceless everything from a red ball to a new bike!  
With Kindergarteners it would not matter if you asked them if they had a million dollars or just five dollars their answers would be the same!
Mrs. Kellet absolutely loved it, the book brought tears to her eyes. You would not need to make a fancy digital scrapbook, you could easily make this a paper book, with the students hand drawn pictures of what they would buy.
 I used Heritage Makers to make this book.  I love Heritage Makers, I have been using them for years.

Here is a little FYI, in case your interested in Heritage Makers, please note, I am not a Heritage Makers Consultant, nor did I in any way got paid for my opinion.  The pro's are, they have literally thousands of digital scrapbook collections, they give you a blank canvas, and let you use whatever you would like, if you are a premier member.  Their quality is paramount, I have at least five books of my own at home, and cherish each one.  The program is Internet based, so all of your books are saved securely online.  This is really nice because it does not take room up on your computer.  The overwhelming con is the price.  I feel they are of superior quality to other brands, but you pay for it.  I feel like it is a fair price, but I would not qualify it as a great deal... So there you have it!

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  1. This is the sweetest gift ever! My kids aren't in school yet, but I might have to do something like this for my mom for mother's day! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. This is SO sweet, what a beautiful idea!! I just love this!! It's especially awesome to have their photos included, I think, because it will be fun to look back and remember these kids when they were all still in Kindergarten!

  3. What a neat idea! I love that you included the kids handwritten names.
    I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award, for more information see my blog post!

  4. That's such a sweet idea! Love their little signatures! :)

  5. Thanks for linking this up. I am featuring it on facebook, and I added it to the Pomp Party Board on pinterest:)

  6. Love this idea, I bet any teacher that got this would treasurer it forever. Found you from the Pom Party

  7. This is so perfect for Teacher Appreciation!! We love our teachers!!! We loved having you link up to our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." Please join us again next week! Thanks! -The Sisters


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