Thursday, January 5, 2012

Top 5 Posts of 2011!

I think it is so fun seeing everyones top posts of 2011, so I thought I would share my top 5!

#1 Most Popular Post, My Dirty Foliage Secret, revealed, use this tip to keep your outside potted plants moist longer!  I can not believe how popular this post is, I think just about everyone has pinned this on pinterest!

#2 I love Betty Crocker!  I was excited beyond belief when she featured Summer Dreamin' Dreamsicle cookies on her facebook page!  It brought thousands of visitors to my blog, and gave me bragging rights.... like FOREVER!  This is a great EASY recipe that brings a taste of summer anytime of the year!
#3 This year I have learned so much about photoshop, this is a free printable I made in honor of mothers day!  I am so glad everyone has like it!
#4 One of my favorite poems, made famous by Audrey Hepburn is Beauty Tips!.  I made these printable gifts for girls in a local scholarship pageant.  I think that real beauty comes from within, I love the message this poems gives, I could not be more excited to have this be one of my most popular posts of 2011!  This is also a free printable you can download!
#5 Pillow Fight for a Cause.  The pillow fight on my blog is with out a doubt the best thing I have done on my blog this year!  As a blog community, and family and friends of Malynn, came together to make over 300 homemade pillowcases to brighten up kids days at the hospital.  I am so grateful for all of my blog friends who helped make this possible! This project was a lot of work, but completely worth it!  I hope to do something like this again in the future!

Thanks for all of your help and support in 2011!

I like to link up to these parties.
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  1. I love looking at everyones too! No wonder that is your most popular post! How awesome is that! I'll have to try it because I forget to water quite a bit...


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