Monday, November 28, 2011

Guadalajaras a.k.a. the BEST turkey sandwich EVER!!

A national study on turkey consumption found: Nearly half of U.S. consumers eat turkey at least once every two weeks with more than a quarter eating turkey deli meat. It is no secret that I love a good turkey sandwich.  In fact one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is all of the left over turkey to make sandwiches!  This is a recipe for my most favorite turkey sandwich, it has a truly unique blend of flavors that is delicious!  This is adapted from a recipe from a fancy restaurant my parents ate at years ago!
Guadalajara Turkey Sandwich
1 pound turkey (I like the thick cut roasted turkey, pictured is a Norbest Sweetheart roast)
Monterey Jack Cheese sliced (about 1/2 a pound)
Jellied Cranberry Sauce, sliced
7 0z can whole green chilies, rinsed
8 slices of bread (get a really nice variety like sour dough, or homemade bakery bread)
3 Tablespoons Mayo
1 Tablespoon Mustard
Butter for putting on the outside of bread

Heat skillet or frying pan to a nice medium/low heat.   Butter the outside of each piece of bread.  Mix the mayo and mustard together. To make the sandwich, on the inside of both slices of bread spread the mayo mustard sauce (if you are not a saucy person, you do not even need this).  On one slice of bread place cheese, opened chile pepper and turkey slices, on the other slice of bread place more cheese, cranberry sauce, and more turkey. Put the pieces together.  Grill Sandwich on medium low heat until the outside is golden brown, and the cheese is melted.  This sandwich is a little messy, but totally worth it!

Yum!  This is a great sandwich!   When I first told my hubby about this sandwich years ago, he was a little skeptical, about the flavors, but now even he is a believer!  What is your favorite turkey sandwich?

PS, it is getting dark here so early, sorry the quality of picture is not as good as usual! I was going to try to save a sandwich for the morning to take pictures of... like that happened, they were gobbled up fast!
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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thankful Stories, Irena Sendler, a HERO!

I really loved my Thankful Stories posts before Thanksgiving, and wanted to keep the tradition going from time to time!

When I saw the story of Irena Sendler on PBS, I knew I wanted to learn more.  I was astonished by the courage, caring, and selfless love this young women displayed, against horrible odds.  This is definitely worth reading! 

POLAND suffered more than any other European country during the second world war. And there was an extra twist: the history of that suffering was then systematically distorted by the Soviet-imposed Communist rulers, and widely misunderstood abroad. Auschwitz, for example, is still often referred to as a “Polish death camp”—rather than one run by the country's Nazi occupiers, in which huge numbers of Polish citizens perished. And gentile Poles are typically imagined to have rejoiced, collaborated or simply stood by as their Jewish compatriots were exterminated. Poles, said the former Israeli leader Yitzhak Shamir, “imbibe anti-Semitism with their mother's milk.”

Certainly prejudice was prevalent in pre-war Poland; but many Poles defied it. One of the bravest was Irena Sendler. As a doctor's daughter, she had been brought up in a house that was open to anyone in pain or need, Jew or gentile. In the segregated lecture halls at Warsaw University, where she studied Polish literature, she and likeminded friends deliberately sat on the “Jewish” benches. When nationalist thugs beat up a Jewish friend, she defaced her grade card, crossing out the stamp that allowed her to sit on the “Aryan” seats. For that, the university suspended her for three years. All this was good preparation for the defiance she was to show after 1939, when the Germans invaded. 

She was, a friend said, “born to selflessness, not called to it”. Certainly she had good genes. A rebellious great-grandfather was deported to Siberia. Her father died of typhus in 1917, after treating patients his colleagues shunned. Many were Jewish. Leaders of the Jewish community offered money to her hard-up mother for young Irena's education. Like many social workers in pre-war Poland, Mrs Sendler belonged to the Socialist party: not for its political ideology, she said, but because it combined compassion with dislike of money-worship. No religion motivated her: she acted z potrzeby serca, “from the need of my heart”.
Under Nazi occupation the Jews of Warsaw were herded into the city ghetto: four square kilometres for around 400,000 souls. Even before the deportations to the Treblinka death camp started, death could be arbitrary and instant. Yet a paradox created a sliver of hope. Squalor and near-starvation (the monthly bread ration was two kilos, or 4.5lb) created ideal conditions for typhus, which would have killed Germans too. So the Nazis allowed Mrs Sendler and her colleagues in and out of the tightly guarded ghetto to distribute medicines and vaccinations.

That bureaucratic loophole allowed her to save more Jews than the far better known Oscar Schindler. It was astonishingly risky. Some children could be smuggled out in lorries, or in trams supposedly returning empty to the depot. More often they went by secret passageways from buildings on the outskirts of the ghetto. To save one Jew, she reckoned, required 12 outsiders working in total secrecy: drivers for the vehicles; priests to issue false baptism certificates; bureaucrats to provide ration cards; and most of all, families or religious orders to care for them. The penalty for helping Jews was instant execution.

Names in glass jars

To make matters even riskier, Mrs Sendler insisted on recording the children's details to help them trace their families later. These were written on pieces of tissue paper bundled on her bedside table; the plan was to hurl them out of the window if the Gestapo called. The Nazis did catch her (thinking she was a small cog, not the linchpin of the rescue scheme) but did not find the files, secreted in a friend's armpit. Under torture she revealed nothing. Thanks to a well-placed bribe, she escaped execution; the children's files were buried in glass jars. Mrs Sendler spent the rest of the war under an assumed name.
The idea of a heroine's treatment appalled her. “I feel guilty to this day that I didn't do more,” she said. Besides, she felt she had been a bad daughter, risking her elderly mother's life with her wartime work, a bad wife to both her husbands, and a neglectful mother. Her daughter once asked to be admitted to the children's home where her mother worked after the war, in order to see more of her.

Mrs Sendler need not have worried. Far from being honoured, she narrowly avoided a death sentence from the Communist authorities. Her crime was that her work had been authorised and financed by the Polish government-in-exile in London; later, she helped soldiers of the Home Army, the wartime resistance. Both outfits were now reviled as imperialist stooges. In 1948 repeated interrogations by the secret police in late pregnancy cost the life of her second child, born prematurely. She was not allowed to travel, and her children could not study full-time at university. “What sins have you got on your conscience, Mama?” her daughter asked her. 

It was not until 1983 that the Polish authorities allowed her to travel to Jerusalem, where a tree was planted in her honour at Yad Vashem. Many of the children she had saved sought her out: now elderly themselves, all grateful, but some still yearning for details of their forgotten parents. In 2003 she received Poland's highest honour, the order of the White Eagle. It came a little late.

Source, The Economist

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Cards for Soldiers, there is still time!

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!  When it comes to the things that matter most, I am one lucky gal!  We had a great Thanksgiving! We have been sick intermittently the last week, and last night my littlest gal got it, so we are having a relaxing black Friday!  With all the excitement of the Holidays I thought I would wait a week for the Weekend Show Off Party.

 My favorite thing we do here at Ladybird Ln without a doubt is Crafting for a Cause. If you are new to this blog, each month we highlight a charity, and find projects we can all do to help their cause.  We do not have a lot of money at our disposal, but we would like to share our talents to in some way do good for others.  We would love LOVE for you to join us.
Crafting for a Cause
Novembers project is very near and dear to my heart.  So many soldiers around the country, leave the comfort of home, friends, and family, to serve in the military.  This month I am spotlighting a wonderful organization Operation Christmas Cards.  The mission of Operation Christmas Card is to “love our troops one card at a time” to ensure that each of our service members know they are appreciated, supported and loved by the very people they are sacrificing their lives to fight for.  I know you would love to help out!

If you have a spare HOUR or even minute, I would love for you and your family and friends, to write Christmas Cards for Soldiers. It would be a great project to do during Thanksgiving Weekend with Family and Friends!

The other day my heart melted when I received the following comment on my blog: 

I just wanted to say Thank you. I am a soldier in Afghanistan currently and stuff like this is amazing. I know that all my brothers and sisters in arms love reciving mail from strangers who care. This just makes me so happy and helps remind me, why I'm doing this. So from a PFC in Afghanistan, I say thank you to each and every person participating in this! You are appreciated!

<3 PFC McClure, Jenn

Let's get together, and show our appreciation for the PEOPLE who protect our freedom.
In one Happy Hour my daughter and I were able to create 10 Christmas Cards, using Materials we had on hand.  You do not even need to make the Christmas Cards, if you have extra store bought cards they would work great~~ But we wanted to get Crafty of Course.
My daughter was the artist, I put the card together.  
I did not want her darling picture to fall off the card, so I used bright red thread to sew the picture on to the card.  This adds a little whimsy and is a practical and easy embellishment!
Write a Christmas message to a soldier, and you almost there!!
Now we just need to send these cards in bulk to Operation Christmas Cards, and they will make sure it gets to a Soldier this Christmas, and they take care of all the shipping.
For more information on the specifics visit this POST.
They need your cards by the 28th of November, so please act fast! 
I would love for you to join this fabulous cause!

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Turkey Daze~Truly Lovely!

Turkey Daze at Ladybird Ln
I am so excited to introduce some 'locals' here on Ladybird Ln!  Kassi and Kayli are not only great bloggers, but they are great people, and I am honored to have them here to day, and am truly thankful for their friendship!

Well hello there lovely Ladybird Ln. readers!!

My name is Kassi and I blog over at Truly Lovely!

I am THRILLED to be here guest posting on Ladybird Ln. for Turkey Daze!! 

You might have seen me around here before... but if not....

Kassi and Kayli

You can click that picture up there to learn more about us and our blog. In the meantime I have a SUPER easy, SUPER quick crafty TURKEY project to share with you all!

Thanksgiving Turkey Candles!

I started with my trusty Silhouette SD, two candles purchased from Wal-Mart, a can of Saddle Leather brown Krylon spray paint and some vinyl for my silhouette stencil. I used the FREE turkey shape that came with my Silhouette software and cut out two in the size I wanted using my Silhouette SD. 

I've said this before on Truly Lovely, but if you don't have a Silhouette you could just as easily print out a turkey picture (or if your artistic talents include drawing, draw one) and cut the stencil with scissors or an Exacto knife. 

Once the stencil was cut, I trimmed the excess vinyl. 

Carefully smooth the stencil down on your candle. 
You can see I used just plain white paper to cover the top and bottom a little more... 
You'll see why here in a second. 

Once the vinyl was on I grabbed the candles and my can of spray paint, then headed outside. 
I sprayed a few light coats over the turkey being careful not to get paint on the uncovered part of the candle until my stencil was completely filled in.
Let your newly painted candles dry for about an hour. 

See why we needed the extra paper! :) 
Once your paint has dried for a good while, peel off the stencil and let it dry awhile longer to make sure it sets. 

Then, because I had some blank space at the bottom of my candles I tied a brown ribbon around the bottom of each one. 

Now you can display your new Turkey Silhouette Candles for Thanksgiving! :)

Thanks SO much to Carlee for having me over today as a part of her fun Turkey Daze series!!! She is TRULY one of our LOVELY favorites!!!

Hope you'll pop over to Truly Lovely and say hello sometime! :) 

OH, and we have an AWESOME Shabby Apple dress giveaway happening right now if you're interested! ;)

Have a lovely rest of the week dolls!!!

Thanks Kassi, as always it is a pleasure to have you!
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Turkey Daze! And the winners are....

Turkey Daze at Ladybird Ln
I just want to give a big THANK YOU to all of the fun turkey Link Ups!  You guys are so creative, and presented some fun projects, and super yummy turkey recipes.  I wish I could give each of you a prize..

I want to get your prizes out as soon as possible, so lets see who the lucky winners are.  I used Random. org to find out all of the winners, and I just went in order of the prizes presented at the party!  You have 24 hours to contact me!

And the winner of...
 Goes to lucky linky # 18, Noreen made a fun Pop Up Turkey, over at Craft Linky!

The winner of the two adorable turkey clips from Happy Hour Projects is....

is linky #12...
The House Of Bledsoe made fun Hand Footprint Turkeys!

THe two winners of the Meat Thermometer/Turkey Bag Combo are....

Linky #16, and Linky # 9

Andie of Pretty Much nuts made her daughter the cutest corduroy jumper!
Jacque's Soda Parlor, shared some fun Thanksgiving Ideas!

Now for the Three Norbest Turkey Winners!!
The turkeys we raised are labeled under the trusted Norbest Brand! Norbest turkeys are delicious, and you can be assured they were raised on family farms like ours!
The Lucky Links are:  

Polkadots on Parade shared the CUTEST turkey shirt!
I "Shir" Can craft, shared a darling turkey clip!
The Diary of Daves Wife Shared Tommy the Turkey!


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Friday, November 18, 2011

Turkey SHOW OFF Party!!

Turkey Daze at Ladybird Ln
I have been having so much fun this month with TURKEYS!  Thanks for indulging this turkey farmer!  If you have missed some of the posts you can get caught up HERE!  The fun does not culminate with this party, I will be having turkey posts all the way up to THANKSGIVING!
I am excited to see what turkey goodness you have been up to!  This is not my normal link party you can ONLY LINK UP TURKEY projects this week.

I also have some FANTASTIC prizes that will be given away randomly!  All you need to do is follow the rules and link up!

We are giving away 7 {SEVEN} prizes! Here are the prizes you could win...
I just love Betty Crocker, I think I may be her biggest fan.. She sent me two beautiful cook books, because I am such a loyal fan, no joke!  One is for me to keep YIPPEE, and the other is to bake it forward. So I will be giving away one of the Big Red Cook Books, to a lucky linker!
TWO Adorable Turkey Clips!
One of my bloggy BFF's, Happy Hour Projects is giving away two adorable turkey clips to a lucky reader!

Two Meat Thermometer/ Reynolds turkey baking bag Combo's!
Remember in THIS post when I said there were THREE items you NEEDED in order to making the perfect turkey!  Well if you win this you will have 2 of the three items!
3 Norbest Turkey Gift Certificates!
The turkeys we raised are labeled under the trusted Norbest Brand! Norbest turkeys are delicious, and you can be assured they were raised on family farms like ours

So what do you need to do to win one of these AWESOME prizes??
Link up a turkey related post, craft, or recipe... I will erase all others.
Follow Ladybird Ln via Google Friend Connect, or FB ( I will check)
Link up a TURKEY recipe, or craft!
Link back to this party via Permalink, or you can post the Turkey Daze Button!

Turkey Daze at Ladybird Ln
Linky Party will be up open until Sunday November 20 at 8 pm MST.  I will randomly choose links as winner via  You are welcome to post more than one TURKEY link, but you can only win one prize!

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