Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Parade, Features!

hApPy HaLloWeEn

Happy Halloween readers!  I hope you all are having a spooktacular day!  I thought for features this week, I would do a Halloween parade!
 I can not get over this Princess Leia, made by Lauren inspired... too cute!
 Scattered thoughts of a SAHM, made this gorgeous rainbow dress.... WOW!

Sew Blessed made the Bee-utiful bee costume for her daughter!

Tales of a Trophy Wife, when the enchanted route!  She also talks about trick or treating at the WHITE HOUSE!  How fun!

I am also loving this spider bow by Happy Hour Crafts!

 And here we are at my daughter at the Halloween parade! She is in the pink poodle skirt!

And here we are watching! Angel is wearing a poodle skirt too, you just can't see it!
All I really want is a picture together, is that to much to ask?

Ok, OK, I could not resist, this is one of my facebook friends, could they be any cuter?  And look at the bow's, this really might be the cutest Halloween costumes I have ever seen!

Have a great Halloween, and if you get a minute please go to SYTYC and VOTE!
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  We all know people who have been affected by cancer, here is a touching story I found on Youtube, about one Womens Journey!  Lets turn the blog world pink!

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Welcome to the weekend!
Ladybird Ln
This week has honestly been a blur!  I am so excited to see what you have been up to, because I have been to busy to craft or cook much this week!

If you have a minute go VOTE for your favorite SYTYC project, you can vote until 9 tonight!
I am turning my blog pink on Sunday October 30 for a day, in honor of breast cancer awareness who is with me?  Go to the Artsy Girl Connection for more info!

Crafting for a Cause
Also don't forget about our crafting for a cause project, Operation Christmas Card!

Now let's see what you have been up to!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

We had a great party this weekend!  And I have to apologize while I was looking at links, my computer would not let me comment... it kept saying Service Not Available, so sorry for the lack of comments this week... BOO.

Also if you have not already please go VOTE at SYTYC... I am still in it!  YEAH!  The more votes the better!

Here are a few projects that caught my eye!

Joy in the Jumble made some delicious looking Candy Corn Cream Cups!

This Crazy Blessed Life, threw a fun Tangled party!  I just love the invitations, the pin the frying pan on Flin Rider, and oh yeah the lanterns, how fun!

Carmel Potatoes made apple dip in a can... it is on my to do list for today!  I think it will make a great fall gift!
Green Acres Hobby Farm made a fun Halloween yard decoration, I am a sucker for silhouettes! 

And the blog of the week... chose by is number 103, Modesty Matters..

She has a great tutorial on how to make hair bands!

If you were featured feel free to grab a button from the right sidebar!

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Weekend Show Off Party 10/21

Ladybird Ln
Welcome to the Weekend!  Our weekend started early because the kids are out Thursday and Friday... YIPPEE!  Our plans include planting 6 trees and camping out at the farm!

Crafting for a Cause

Please Check out our Crafting for a Cause Project for October and November!

Now I am so happy to introduce you to Julianne, and the blog Sew Fantastic!
Sew Fantastic
Hi, Ladybirdln readers! Thanks for letting me come over today. I’ve
been following Carlee’s down-to-earth, yet inspiring, blog ever since
I started my blog so this is huge for me and I’m super excited! (This
included jumping up and down for 10 minutes…no joke!)

This is me!

I’m a wife to an amazing hubby, and mommy to one energetic 2 year old
– she is always on the go! When I’m not busy running around with her,
you can find me sewing,crafting and then sharing it with you on my

Here are a couple of the fun projects I’ve done! 

Headband Holder

Cinderella Dress

Lamp re-vamp

Come and check out all the other amazing crafts at

Thanks Julianne, now lets see what you have been up to!

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A red piano

Could you imagine my excitement when my friend gave me this beauty? She thought it was beyond repair!  It was sorely beat up, missing pegs, a broken key, cracking finish, and a decent tone, I knew underneath it all  was a gem.

All I needed to do was convince my hubby that this piano would be great... then I had to convince him that this piano would be great  RED

A little elbow grease... okay OKAY, a lot of elbow grease later, the piano makes a statement!  I covered the piano bench with black and white hounds tooth fabric, and a big fat cushion!  I really love how it turned out, it is such a fun piece!

It is amazing what paint, sandpaper, glaze, and polyurethane can do to an old worn out piano!  I am tickling the ivories in style now.
Items needed:
Light Grit Sandpaper
Cheese cloth
Kilz spray primer
   (FYI: Mine took 3 cans)
Krylon Paint
  (FYI: Mine is cherry red, it took NINE cans)
  (I used a color called dark granite, it is a dark brown gray color)
  (I used a water based, brush on variety)

The Piano Refinishing 101 from All Things Thrifty, helped me out a great deal in this process.  
Step One : Prep
Refinishing a piano is a lot of work, so make sure you have a good working piano... You don't want to do all of this work, if the piano is not in decent working order!  The piano I was given was no beauty, but it does have decent tone.

Clean your piano thoroughly.  Using light grit sandpaper, sand your piano.. You do not need to remove all the varnish just rough it up so that the paint will adhere to it good.  I had spots where the varnish had cracked that I had to smooth out with sandpaper.  Once it is all clean it is time to take it apart!
This is the fun part... okay not really.  I will have you know I did this all by myself, and it was not as hard as I had thought.
  1. Take the piano apart.  Remove all the large pieces that you can.
  2. Put the hardware in envelopes, and label them.  This will help you a ton, when you have to put it back together.
  3. Remove the keys.  I read on many blogs that your keys will be numbered so you can figure out where they belong. MINE WERE NOT.  So I placed them in order on a board.
  4. Protect the inner workings of the piano with paper or plastic and tape.
Place the keys in order on a large board (mine is actually an old cabinet door) This will make it easier to put back together when finished.  You can see the broken key in this picture.  My piano tuner says he has a spare black piece I can have.

Step 2: Paint
Now that you are finished with the prep work it is time to paint!  Make sure all of your pieces are clean and lightly sanded.  I used cheese cloth to make sure there is no dust on the surfaces.

All Things Thrifty, has amazing beginner tutorials, on how to spray paint and glaze on her blog.  Pretty much everything I learned about furniture refinishing I learned from that blog!  So if you are new to furniture refinishing go check out All Things Thrifty's tutorials for beginner painters and glazers!
  1. Apply Kilz spray primer to your piano.  Kilz leaves a little bit of a bumpy surface, so I make sure to sand in between each coat, and whip clean with cheese cloth.  I sprayed two coats of primer.  (Sorry I was so excited I forgot to take a great picture of this step).
  2. Now it is time to paint!  It took my NINE (yup that's 9) cans of Krylon (cherry red) spray paint to get this red color that I love, but it was worth it.  In between layers of spay paint (sometimes I would cheat and go two layers) I would lightly sand the surface and wipe clean with a cheese cloth.  This will give you a smooth surface.
  3. When you are finished painting you can add glaze.  I love glazing, it adds depth and dimension to your project.  A tip I learned is have paint thinner handy.  I don't like heavy glaze, if you get to much glaze on, dip a rag in a little paint thinner, and surprisingly it will take the glaze off, but not much of your paint.  Also, I was lucky enough to have my sister help me with this step.  She would paint the glaze on, and I would wipe it off!
  4. I like to apply a brush on water based polyurethane to all my furniture, after the glazing and painting is done.  You can buy spray, but I like the brush on version better.  I did about three coats, and boy is it shiny!  As with paint and primer, I lightly sanded in between coats, and wiped it clean with cheesecloth.   This will give your project shine, and added protection.
Here is an enlarged picture of the glazing.

Step 3: Bench
  1. Cut a piece of foam to cover the top of your piano bench.  I found the best place to buy foam is at Home Depot.  They are called camper pads, they are huge, and so much cheaper than the craft store versions, that feel the same.  Cut a piece of fabric larger than the top of the bench, with room to cover the foam.
  2. Begin stapling your fabric onto the underside of the bench seat.  It is kind of like your wrapping a present.
  3. This picture shows what the underneath looks like.

 Put it all together and what do you get?

 A red piano might not be for everyone, but I sure love it!
I see a lot of jazz songs in this piano's future!

Cost Estimates:
Paint (9 cans at $3.50 ea) 31.50
Primer (3 cans at $5.00 ea) 15.00
Polyurethane: Given to me free from local paint store:)
Fabric: $6
Portion of Foam: about $5
Glaze: I have had one pint of glaze that has lasted me years.
Sandpaper/Cheesecloth: $5

Total: $62.50

Not to shabby!

I like to Party at THESE blogs!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Show Off--FEATURES!! 10/17

Wow, I was so inspired by all of your creativity this week! So many fun fall projects and tasty treats! Before I show off a few of my favorites, I would love it if you would do me a favor.

Will you Please go VOTE at SYTYC? I can't tell you which one is mine, but I think the more voters the better!

This spider web game from Chicken Babies looks like a lot of fun for my little ones! This would be a great halloween party game!
I am so in the mood for fall food, and this deliciouscrockpot sloppy joe recipe on homemade french bread submitted by Sewing for Sanity looks fabulous... It is on my menu this week!

I Heart Crafty Things shared a fun Five Little Pumpkins activity!

Finally, I just can't get enough of these $1 glowing mummies, they are on my to do list this week, from Freaking Craft!

And the blog of the week is...

Sew Fantastic shows us how to organize all of those pesky headbands... in a darling way! Congratulations Sew Fantastic!

If you were featured please grab a featured button on the right sidebar! Thanks everyone for participating in the Weekend Show Off Party!

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