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Showing YOU off! Week 2 Features

I love this swing from The Cellar Door Stories! I could imagine smooching my honey on a swing like this, I have always dreamed of having a porch swing, and this one is Darling!
I also loved the clipboard, pen, and kisses from Mushki Likes... I just love the matching pen, so creative! A great gift for a teacher... or anyone!
I am a firm believer that peanut butter and chocolate should go hand in hand! I also love how Inside BruCrew Life talks about her {tough} P90x workerouts, while teasing us with this cake!
I really love how fabric completed changed the look of these flute board boxes from Hazel and Honesuckle! Let me be honest with you... I have no idea what a flute board box is! It may be an Aussie thing! But it looks great, Thanks Rissa
I just love a good before and after story! Kim from It's a Crafty Life did some simple projects in her bathroom that made a huge difference!
Thank you so much for everyone that Showed Off! I am sorry if I did not leave a comment on your post... my blogger was down for a bit, so it would not let me comment. Come back Friday for another addition of Weekend Show Off Party!

If I featured you feel free to grab a button!

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Pillow Fight--IDEAS, Guest Post #2 Come Together Kids

Ladybird Ln

I am so excited to have Laura from Come Together Kids here today guest posting on Pillows!  Laura is an amazing person and blogger. She is my second guest bloggers in a series about pillows, for the PILLOW FIGHT we are having here on Ladybird Ln!  To learn more click HERE!

 Hi, I'm Laura, from Come Together Kids, and I'm so thrilled that Carlee invited me to stop by Ladybird Ln. as she kicks off her awesome Pillow Fight for a Cause.

 On my blog, I love to share the ways I've come together with my kids through activities, projects, crafts and outings.  I've made and shared all sorts of ideas, but one project in particular has been the most popular by an overwhelming margin.  Back in March, to celebrate the start of Spring, I pulled out some fleece scraps and my hot glue gun and made these cute  

Soon after posting the tutorial, my little pillow idea seemed to spread like wildfire!  In the few months since I posted them, I've received hundreds of comments from people all over the WORLD.  It's been featured on a bunch of blogs and the tutorial has even been translated into several different languages.  As thrilled as I am, sometimes I would just wonder, "Why in the world are they so popular?  It's just scraps of fabric and some hot glue?"

But then I realized... pillows bring us comfort.   When we're sad, we can cry into our pillows.  When we're angry, we can punch our pillows.  When we're scared, we can grab onto our pillows to ease our fears.  And when we're happy, we can lay down on our pillows at night and count our blessings!  

If we have a pillow nearby that is bright and cheerful, we can start to feel a bit brighter and more cheerful ourselves. This is why I love Carlee and Malynn's idea for this Pillow Fight for a Cause!   A simple pillowcase is a fantastic way to show your support when you can't be there in person to offer care and comfort.

Thanks so much, Carlee, for having me here at Ladybird Ln. today.  
I look forward to making a few pillowcases myself and I hope lots of other people do the same.  I also hope that if your readers have a minute, they stop by Come Together Kids to see some of the other fun crafts, projects, recipes and ideas that we're sharing this summer.

Come Together Kids

Thank you Laura!  Please stop by her blog, she has so many wonderful ideas, and is one of my favorite blogs!  She is also having a super fun Summer Linky Party HERE!

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pillow Fight For a Cause Part 2! Pillowcase Tutorial!

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Well this is Part 2 of my Pillow Fight--For a cause post.. If you have not done so PLEASE read part 1 here.  Here is a little summary.... Every month on my blog I spotlight a charity, service event, or project. This month I am sponsoring a pillow contest--Pillowfight for a Cause to help my friend Malynn (14 yeard old) who has gone through a lot of medical stuff the last six months, donate bright, fun, pillowcases to Primary Childrens Hospital.  So we are having a pillow contest where you can enter ANY type of homemade pillow! You can enter your homemade ruffly throw pillows, decorative pillows, fancy pillowcases, your homemade dog pillow, etc, etc.

The clincher is for every pillow you enter--you must donate a pillowcase to charity.  We have some AMAZING prizes... Please READ this post for all of the info!  Here is a tutorial of how to make your own pillowcase!


Basic Pillow Case
Cutting List:
Main Body Fabric: 3/4 yard fabric {or 27 inches by Width of Fabric (WOF)}
Band Fabric: 1/4 yard fabric {or 9 inches by WOF}
Trim Fabric: (Optional): 1 strip, 2 inches by WOF
All seams are 1/4 inch, unless otherwise noted.
With wrong sides together, fold the band fabric in half lengthwise and press. Do the same with your trim fabric.
Baste together the folded trim piece to the folded band fabric. 1/8 inches from the raw edges along the length of the strips.
Basting, simply means create a long running stitch, so that the two pieces stay together. Don't worry if they do not line up perfectly at the ends, we will fix it later on!
Pin the band/trim to the right side of the pillowcase panel along the long edge, raw edges together, with trim sandwiched in the middle.
Sew together. Zig zag, serge, or overlock raw edges together (To help prevent fraying).
Trim up the uneven layers of your pillow. I used a rotary cutter, ruler, and mat. But you could just use scissors!
Your pillow case should look like this now!
Fold the pillowcase right sides together. Pin together, making sure to match the band seam line. Sew a strait seam along raw edges. Zig zag, serge, or overlock raw edges.

Turn right side out; Press! You are finished Easy Peasy, right? Below is some pillow case inspiration, all of these pillow cases are ones that I made, or that were given to me. Pillowcases make great gifts!

 Please consider entering Pillow Fight--For a cause!

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Pillow fight--For a Cause~Part 1

Looking for the PILLOW FIGHTYou can enter your pillows HERE!
Ladybird Ln
As my readers know, every month on our blog, we feature a charity, service organization, or project to spotlight during the month!  This month I am doing a contest called, Pillow Fight--For a Cause, to help a wonderful project my friend Malynn is doing.
This is a project very near and dear to my heart.  My friend Malynn, 14 years old has had to endured a lot, the last few months.  But first, let me tell you a little about her... She loves horses, and sewing.  She is an INCREDIBLE seamstress, she started a little sewing business called the Spotted Apple, and sews custom purses!  I have to showoff some of her creations!

This girl is legit!
Darling, Malynn made this purse with the pattern 'My Favorite Bag' by Kati Cupcake!  Malynn introduced me to these guys, and I was told that Kati Cupcake is kind of like Taylor Swift... only with a sewing machine!  Kati Cupcake has graciously agreed to be a sponsor for this event--even more reason to love her!

This is a darling snap purse Malynn makes... You could WIN one like this in our Pillow Fight--For a Cause Contest!

OK, back to the story, Malynn has undergone some tough medical stuff recently. She has been in and out of the hospital for the past 6 months.  One might expect after all the medical problems she has endured she might be bitter and resolved. But not Malynn, she is amazing in so many ways. Instead of focusing on her issues she wants to help others. Malynn has a great talent for sewing. She has made it a goal to donate 100 bright cheerful pillow cases to Primary Childrens Medical Center, to brighten up the patients rooms!  Malynn thought it was so helpful to have her own pillowcase in the hospital to cheer up the room, and make it seem more like home!
So here on Ladybird Ln, we want to help Malynn out, we are going to have a friendly PILLOW FIGHT!,  Pillow Fight--For a Cause! Who doesn't love a good pillow fight right?  Essentially this is a pillow fight is a contest where you can enter your homemade ruffly throw pillows, your sweet decorative pillows, your bedazzled pillow cases... pretty much anything pillow related, that you made. THE CLINCHER IS, for every entry you put in you MUST donate a  pillowcase. A bright, cheery, fun pillow case! You can either send it to me, and I will let Malynn donate it, or you can donate it to a local hospital, womens shelter, etc. You just have to let me know that you donated one!  We have some fabulous judges, and incredible sponsors, to help with this event.. Doesn't this pillow fight sound fun?  OK, lets get to the knitty gritty!


  1. You can link up ANY pillow related post to our link party here at Ladybird Ln, from June 15-22.  You can link up HERE! Examples, throw pillows, decorative pillows, ruffly pillows, fancy pillow cases, etc.  It does not need to be the pillow case you donate.
  2. For every post you link up, you MUST donate a pillow case.  Don't sweat if, pillowcases are EASY to make, for a complete tutorial click HERE! You can donate your pillowcase locally to a hospital or women's shelter.  Or you can send it to me, and I will let Malynn donate it to Primary Childrens Hospital in Salt Lake City.  You will need to fill out a simple entry form at the Pillow Link up Party.  Email me at ladybirdln10(at)gmail(dot)com, with anyquestions You can send the pillowcase to this address:                                             
                                          Candice Sanders
                                          Re: Pillow Fight For a Cause
                                          160 E 200 N
                                          Mt. Pleasant, Ut 84647
          Note:  This is a friends business address, I am leery of posting my address on the web.
     3.  Please include the Pillow Fight--For a cause button on your post, or in your sidebar.  We would
          like as many people to be involved as possible. Code found at bottom of post.
     4.  Must be a resident of USA or Canada, or willing to pay shipping and handling fees!
     5.  If you do not have a blog, you can still participate by downloading a picture and description of
          your pillow on an online photo album such as Flickr, or Photobucket, and linking that to the party.
     6.  Please support our blog! We hope you love this contest, and our blog!  If you do please consider following!

     We have some super fun judges to help us keep this competition interesting and fun.   We have four judges that will help us narrow the competition down to ten pillows.  From their it will be up to a vote!  The judges will determine will base their decision on creativity, originality, and quality.  Our fabulous guest judges are:
      The girl behind it all~Malynn and Her Mom JoAnne!
      Michelle of Someday Crafts-Huge kudos to her, her baby is due the end of June!
      The fabulous Emily aka The Decor Chick!
      The always fun, Kori and Tara, Mom's of All Trade!
 The top three pillows will receive some amazing prizes, and we even have a couple random prizes for anyone who link up!. Sponsors for this event include... Kati Cupcake, Cap Creations, Sew Obsessed, Vinylize It, Funky Polkadot Giraffe, Naptime Crafters... And Malynn and I are even going to throw in some prizes.  Prizes are not exactly set in stone, so it may change a bit over the next couple weeks, but here is a general idea!  I am blown away by all the support we have received from this project, which means amazing prizes for you!!

                                           First Place Prize Package! 
                          Darling Snap purse from Spotted Apple (A bag made by Malynn!)
                          Fat Quarter Bundle from Kati Cupcake
                         $30 Vinylize It Gift Card!
                          $40 gift certificate from Cap Creations
                          Pattern from Sew Obsessed
                          Pattern from Naptime Crafters, etsy shop!
                          Pattern from Kati Cupcake
                          Adorable bow from Funky Polkadot Giraffe etsy Shop!
                          Custom graphic art from Ladybird Ln of your choice!

                                          Second Place Prize Package!
                           Darling Snap purse from Spotted Apple (A bag made by Malynn!)
                           Fat Quarter Bundle from Sew Obsessed
                           Pattern from Sew Obsessed
                           Pattern from Naptime Crafters, etsy shop!
                           Pattern from Kati Cupcake
                           Adorable bow from Funky Polkadot Giraffe etsy Shop!
                           Custom graphic art from Ladybird Ln of your choice!
                                           Third Place prize Package!
                           Darling Snap Purse from Spotted Apple (A bag made by Malynn!)
                           Pattern from Sew Obsessed
                           Pattern from Naptime Crafters, etsy shop!
                           Pattern from Kati Cupcake
                           Adorable bow from Funky Polkadot Giraffe etsy Shop!
                           Custom graphic art from Ladybird Ln of your choice!
                                      Random Prize Drawings (Anyone who links up can Win!)
                            Signed copy of Kati Cupcakes new book! (WOWsers)

Thank you so much to all of our INCREDIBLE sponsors!  Man I wish I could enter, those are some FABULOUS prizes!
Are you stressing out about making and donating a pillowcase?  Please don't pillowcases are fun, and would be a fabulous beginner project.. Or maybe a project you can do this summer with your daughter to  help her learn how to sew!  Below are some pillowcases I have made, or homemade pillowcases that have been given to me for my kids!  For a complete tutorial on how to make a pillowcase click HERE!

Please come join the Pillow Fight--For a Cause, on our blog! You can link up your pillow creations
June 15-22! Much more information will be coming on my blog! 

Please help me get the word out by posting this button on your blog!  I am so excited for this pillow fight,  lets donate 100 pillowcases to cheer up kids in the hospital!

Ladybird Ln

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer Fun Chore Chart!

For Every Job that Must be Done, there is an Element of Fun!
~Mary Poppins

Summer is here, and I don't know about you, but without a little organization, we seem to get nothing done! I have so many fun activities I want to do with my kids, but I want to keep things organized, and help teach them responsibility!  My grand scheme is to get my kids to earn our summer fun projects! I have made SOOOO many charts in my day as a Special Education teacher, and wanted to make a fun chart for my kids! When making a chart, make it versatile, visual, age appropriate, and easy to implement. I hope I have done this with this chart!

PhotobucketMy good friend Holly owns a vinyl business with her sister called Vinylize It. She approached me a few weeks ago asking me if I wanted to do a vinyl project, and she would provide the vinyl.... Seriously?....... I was practically doing cartwheels at the thought! I knew just what I wanted to do, a summer fun chart for my kids! She was so great to work with, and she made it custom to fit my needs. I even found a font I loved at dafont.com, and she was able to use it. (I was trying to duplicate the Mary Poppins font).

This is such a fun chart! Since my kids are little and are not literate yet, I took pictures of the chores they are expected to do. I use clothes pin to hang their job picture up, when they are done with that job they simply take it down. When all of the jobs are completed, they can open the box underneath each day of the week magnet to find out what their fun summer activity prize will be that day! I love how versitile it is!

Items Needed:

Board, or Frame
Vinyl Lettering..(If you love this quote as much as I do you can get it at Vinylize It for $5!)
Staple Gun

Aluminum circular disks (I used the ends of Pillsbury cresent roll tubes)
Match Box
Scrapbook Paper
Hot Glue Gun

Clothes Pins

Step One: Board

Find a board, or frame the size that you would like. I painted a board yellow, with white Chevron stripes. Paint the board/frame a solid color.

To make the chevron stripes, I made a grid on my board 2"x3" to help guide me. I placed masking tape in a Chevron pattern.

I painted what was not covered with masking tape white. Let the paint dry, and carefully take off the masking tape. I distressed the board a little.

Apply the vinyl to your board. Sorry, I got a little excited, and forgot to take the picture before I put the aluminum disks on!

With a staple gun, attach ribbons to the back of your board. (Like my new staple gun, I got sick of trying to find hubby's at the farm!)

Step 2: Magnets

I wanted to make this chart a reward system as well, so I made a magnet for each day of the week. Each magnet has a matchbox attached, that I can put the reward/activity they can earn each day after the complete their jobs! Make circular Days of the Week tag. Make circles out of cardboard and scrapbook paper.

Modge Podge the scrapbook paper, and cardboard together.

Attach your vinyl for the days of the week. I love how you can see where you are putting the vinyl because the covering is clear. I modge podged the outside to make the scrapbook paper to make it glossy!

Glue your aluminum circles to your board. Are you wondering where I found my aluminum circles?

Yup, Trusty Pillsbury cresent rolls! Can you guess what we are having for dinner? (If you guessed pigs in a blanket your might be right!)

Glue the matchbox to the back of the circles you just created, glue a strong magnet to the matchbox.

Now you have a multipurpose Magnet.

Step 3: Jobs

Take pictures of jobs your kids do around the house. I added text to my pictues. Some of my jobs include making bed, dusting, completing homework, setting table, dinner helper, etc.

I Modged Podged, scrapbook paper to clothespins. Each of my kids have a different color clothespins. The striped paper means it is a job for everyone to do.

Using the clothespins, pin the kids job to the ribbons for that day!

After completing a job they can take if off the chart, and into our basket. This is very visual they can see how many jobs are left.

After they are all done with their jobs, they can see what their surprise/activity will be! I like that I can change what the activity/surprise is everyday to fit the needs of our schedule. I want to do a lot of fun things this summer, and this is a great way for us to get it all accomplished. If we are really busy that day, I can change the amount of jobs to be done. Here is a list I am making of their summer rewards, most are absolutely free. If you have more ideas please leave me a comment!

My kids absolutely love it! They are so excited to finish their jobs at every morning, so we can find out what the surprise is!

Would you like to make one of these of your own? Well Vinylize It, is giving Ladybird Ln readers a great deal. You can get this quote vinylized, for $5, you can even change the size, color, font, etc... If you want to change the color, font, etc. just leave Holly instructions in the special instructions box, or contact Holly. Yup only $5 bucks. Go check it out here! Plus, I just found out this week only, Shipping is only $2.  (It is normally only $5) Thanks Holly!

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