Friday, January 28, 2011

Valentines Day Shirt with *BLING*

I decided to make my girls a simple Valentines day shirt, with big Bling! This project was really simple, it probably only took an hour to make both of them.

Items needed:
Sturdy material, I used fusible fleece, sturdy felt would work as well.
Sequin Ribbon
Sewing Machine
1) Cut out fusible fleece or other sturdy material in the shape of a heart.

2) Pin sequins around the felt heart. I started from the outside of the heart and worked my way in.

3) Carefully sew sequin ribbon onto the felt heart using your sewing machine.

4) Pin the sequin heart to the shirt. Then sew the heart to the shirt. I just went around the edge of the heart.

And your shirt is complete, easy right? My girls love their sparkly heart shirts!

I did try making a striped heart out of red sequin ribbon and black sequin ribbon, but I did not like how the edges turned out so I decided not to use that heart on the shirt. You have to make at least one mistake, or at least I do!
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Heart Pizza!

A few years ago, we started the tradition of making heart shaped pizza on valentines... We started this tradition after we started sharing valentines day with little people!! It has been such a fun tradition, we usually watch a movie together, and just have a fun night at home. Some years we have just made one big heart shaped pizza, but this year we decided to make individual heart pizzas. I am also sweetening my Valentines day by making the crust now, and freezing it until valentines, so I have more time for hugging and kissing!

For the crust I make Jay's Signature Pizza Crust. It is so good, and so easy! The only thing I do differently is after I make the crust, I bake in the oven at 420, for about 8 minutes. Otherwise it takes F.O.R.E.V.E.R. for your pizza to bake... And I have an impatient crew to worry about. This crust puffs up a lot so make it pretty thin... Some of mine came out a little too thick.

I used a heart-shaped candy box to shape the dough for the kids pizza!
I baked the crust for ten minutes in a 420 degree over for about 8-9 minutes before we put the toppings on!
These are some of our favorite toppings (Minus the olives, were out..) I love BBQ sauce mixed with spaghetti sauce on pizza!

The kids had so much fun!
Freezer Adaption: After you have cooked crust for 10 minutes, let cool, wrap individually in plastic wrap, and place in a zip top bag. I also put extra spaghetti sauce, I had and pepperonis! I can't wait until valentines!
One of the best things about making your pizza is using the leftovers to make awesome omelets for breakfast the next morning, I can't wait!

Enjoy, Carlee

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Monday, January 24, 2011

YUM! Tortellini Soup with Rosemary Bread!

Ok... Before I start I must say, these recipes are awesome! I got it from a friend a few months ago, and it has quickly become a family favorite! It is so easy, and there are no 'weird' ingredients. This recipe is for a big batch so you can enjoy it for one meal, and freeze for another meal {or two}. I have taken Tortellini soup, and rosemary bread to friends that were sick, or just had a baby and I always get rave reviews! That being said, I am really bad at taking pictures of food, so you might have to trust me!

Tortellini Soup
  • 1 pound ground beef, browned
  • 1 pound sausage, browned
  • 2 cans 16 oz. Green Beans
  • 2 cans 28 oz diced tomatoes
  • 2 can 10 oz French onion Soup (I like Campbell's)
  • 2 cans 8 oz tomato sauce
  • 2 tsp. salt
  • 2 tsp basil
  • 1 medium chopped zucchini (optional)
  • 1 large package cheese tortellini (I buy the Frozen Kind)
1) Combine all of the ingredients, except cheese tortellini. (If freezing some please look over the freezer adaption (below) before moving on!)
2)Bring all ingredients to a boil.
3)Add tortellini, cook for about 10 minutes, until Tortellini is just tender.
Freezer Adaption: After combining all of the ingredients, except tortellini, put soup mixture you want to freeze in a gallon size zip-top freezer bags (I usually freeze about six cups of soup mixture in a bag for my family). The tortellini will get too soft if frozen in the soup, you need to freeze tortellini separately. When ready to use, let soup mixture thaw, bring mixture to a boil, and add tortellini!
Easy right, now you have soup for at least two meals!

Rosemary Bread
A quick and easy bread, that is DELICIOUS!
  • 2 Tablespoons Yeast
  • 3 cups warm water
  • 8 cups flour
  • 2 Tablespoons sugar
  • 1/2 cup onion finely chopped
  • 2 tsp salt
  • Rosemary Leaves
  • Olive oil
1) Combine sugar, yeast and water. Let dissolve, and let stand until frothy (about 10 min)
2) Add Flour salt onion, and a little rosemary, to water mixture.
3) Knead until smooth.
4)Place dough in an oiled bowl, and let rise until doubled.
5) Punch down, and divide dough in two (If you are planning on freezing, please look at freezer adaptions below)
6) Flatten down on floured cookie sheet to 1 inch thick.
7) Layer with a thin coat of olive oil, and sprinkle with rosemary and course salt. I then cut the dough into squares using a pizza cutter
8) Bake at 400 degrees 20-25 minutes.

Freezer Adaption: Knead dough until doubled, punch down, place half of the dough in a gallon zip-top freezer bag. When ready to use, take dough out of bag, let thaw, and continue with step 6!
I hope you enjoy this meal as much as we do!

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Build a Blog

My sister and I started this blog on a whim..  We seriously started this blog on December 30th! Since then it has been so much fun to design our blog.  I am honestly amazed at how good our blog looks considering this is our first time we have created a blog like this, and it has been less than a month. And really it is all because of great blogs out there that have taught us how to build our blog in easy terms. Specifically, I would like to give a shout out to Momma go Round, and I Love the Way she Blogs!  We could not have done it without their expertise!

We created the button, header, and signature in Photoshop... We used a lot of brushes!  We are going for a clean vintage look.  We hope to in the future give some tutorials on photoshop.

We found a basic template that works well with our design. I had fun playing around in the Blogger Template Designer and all of the advanced options it allows you to change, such as page widths etc.  I made the tool bar using the gadget 'Pages', and changed some of the tab design in the template designer.

I have LEARNED so much about blogging this past month, I thought I would share a couple tips.

1)  For fun fantastic free fonts (like my alliteration) go to  It is such a fun site, with easy to download free fonts... That is where we found the font for the Roadsign (It is called Road Movie), and the cool Jane Austen font for our logo, Destination to design.  But Beware, it is a TIME SUCKER, their are so many fun fonts to look at.

2)  For our blog design we really wanted to include a street sign because Ladybird Ln refers to the street we grew up on... So I needed a Street Sign image to play with... I did not want to rip off a copyrighted image so I used the Creative Commons search tool.  This is such a powerful tool, because it will search images that you can modify, adapt, build upon, for personal or commercial use.  Do you recognize the picture below?

Yup you guessed it, this is the image we modified for the street sign on our header!  It has a creative commons license so I was able to modify it...

So far, this blog has been a great experience. I enjoy getting comments from people, and sharing my projects!  I also enjoy looking at the blogger stats!  Thanks for reading.

I am linking up to Momma go Rounds Beautify your Blog Linky Party... I appreciate all of her easy to understand tutorials!

Momma Go Round

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Heart Attack

I work with 10 and 11 year old girls in the Activity Day program at my church. We do activities twice a month that develop talents, give service, and of course we PARTY a lot! I have loved working with the girls, and the other awesome Activity Day leaders. Early on I learned that the girls love to do SNEAKY service projects (so does their leader)... So a few years ago we started a tradition of Heart Attacking our Bishops (congregation leader) office! This year we also decorated the Stake Presidents office (another Church leader). The girls had so much fun, and I am sure the leaders will have a 'heart attack' when they see there office! 

There were three different parts to this activity.
1) We had the girls cut out hearts, and write messages to our Bishop and his counselors... The girls are so creative, it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately I did not get a picture of this step!
2) In past years we have just bought candy or cookies, and put in the office. This year I thought we would make a giant pizza cookie. I got Pizza boxes from a local pizza shop, they were so nice they just gave them to me. I used this recipe from Betty Crocker. I made the pizza crust before hand and let the girls decorate. To be honest I was not thrilled how it turned out. I think butter cream frosting would have been better, then melted chocolate chip frosting. I used mini crock pots to keep the white and chocolate chips melted.

3) Then we decorated the Bishop's office! The girls had so much fun!

It was such a fun activity... And I think this activity could easily be adapted. You could maybe heart attack a neighbors door, or let your kids heart attack their grandparents house... etc, etc... There are so many ways to share the love!!

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Goodie Bags

I promise I do not only make things with vinyl, but I am kind of on a vinyl kick right now. I thought it would be so fun and easy to make some Valentine Goodie bags out of my left over vinyl. I think they turned out pretty cute, and they were super easy!

Items Needed
  • vinyl covering
  • ribbon
  • vinyl tubing
  • wire
  • scissors
  • hole-punch
  • bling to decorate your pouch.
a) Cut two same-size rectangles out of vinyl covering.
b) Place the two rectangle vinyl pieces on top of each other. Trim the sides up as needed so that they match up well.
c) With rectangles still together. Fold rectangles with the ends meeting. Punch holes about 1/2 inch around the edges. You should be punching through four layers of vinyl.
d) Cut a long piece of ribbon. Knot one end of the ribbon, and put tape on the other. Weave ribbon in and out of holes, until you reach the top of the bag. Loop the ribbon around the top of the bag to give it more support.
e) Cut vinyl tubing to desired length for the handle. Connect ribbon to a long sturdy piece of wire.
f) Pull ribbon through the vinyl tubing.
g) Loop the ribbon around the top of the bag again to help give the handle more stability. Pull excess slack through.
h) Weave the ribbon through the remainder of your bag. Tie with a double square knot.
Decorate your bag as desired. I found it helpful to put a clear piece of tape over the pockets with the decorations, so they will not fall out.

Enjoy, Carlee
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Vinyl Purse

I had some scraps left over from my Valentines Day Chairbackers, so I thought I would play with vinyl some more! Savvy loves her chairbacker, she wants to carry it around everywhere so I decide to make her a purse!

It is a smaller version of the Valentines Day chairbacker! For a complete tutorial go here.

Since I know this purse will receive some abuse from my daughter, I thought I might need to beef up the handle... So here is what I did:

a) Punch two holes above the pocket on each side. Also cut your vinyl tubing to the desired handle length, and cut out a long piece of ribbon. (We will double the ribbon.)
b) Lace long piece of ribbon through the hole you just made and through one of the holes in the binding. Even up the sides, so you have two equal lengths of ribbon.
c) Tie the ends of the ribbon with a piece of wire, pull through the handle.
d)Put one length of ribbon through the hole you made in step a, and the other length of ribbon through a binding hole. Pull ribbon tight to remove any slack.
e) Tie the ends of the ribbon in a double square not.
f) Your finished handle.

Savvy loves it! I might need to make one for her older sister as well!

Enjoy, Carlee

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Friday, January 14, 2011

And the Winner is!

Drumroll......, and the winner is

Thanks for voting! We will have to do more of this in the future!  I am also changing my design around, so I might have to tweak this a little to make it bigger!  Building a Blog is so much fun!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Valentines Day Chair Backer

I may be cheesy, but I love writing little Valentine love notes to those I love. At my house we are working on getting along better, and using kind words.. Like not screaming at your little sister, when she so much as touches your toy train, or not freaking out when you don't get the silverware with flowers on them, does this sound familiar to anyone else? So with valentines approaching I thought it would be fun to make Valentine pouches we could write or draw NICE notes and deliver them to each other.
My inspiration for this project was Pottery Barn Kid's valentine chair backer, so cute I LOVE IT! Also, this cute plastic purse I fell in love with at a craft fair a year ago, isn't it cute? It reminds me of one of my favorite children's books, Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse! Anyway, I knew the instant I saw the plastic purse, I wanted to play with VINYL, so here we go!
Item's Needed
  • 1/3 yard vinyl covering
  • Ribbon
  • Vinyl tubing, you can find this at the plumbing section of a hardware store
  • Wet-erase marker
  • Wire
  • Scissors
  • Hole-punch
  • Velcro
  • Bling, to decorate your pouch.
    Step 1: Cuttinga) Using a wet-erase marker, mark 2, 12"x24" rectangles on the vinyl covering. My cutting mat, and quilting ruler helped out a ton.b) Cut rectangular pieces out with scissors.c)Place the two rectangle vinyl pieces on top of each other. Trim the sides up as needed so that they match up well.d)Round the corners on one of the shorter sides of the rectangles, to make the flap. I made a template out of a piece of scrapbook paper.e) Wipe of any excess marker spots. A baby wipe works great.
    Step 2: Bindinga) With the two pieces of vinyl still on top of one another, fold the square end up to make the pocket. I made my pocket 9 inches deep.b) With your wet-erase marker, mark dots about 1/2 an inch around the edge of the vinyl, where you want your holes to be placed. I made a simple template here.c) Punch holes. In the pocket portion of the pouch you should be punching through 4 layers of vinyl. Don't panic, Vinyl is so easy to work with!d) Cut (2) 1-yard lengths of ribbon for your binding. Knot one end of the ribbon, and put tape around the other.e) Weave ribbon in and out of holes.f) Stop as you reach the curve of the flap, so that you can put your decorations in.
    Step 3: Blinga) This is the fun part where you can show your personality! My kids had so much decorating their pouch.b) You can slip a picture etc, in the pocket part of the pouch. Use the vinyl as a guide to make round corners on fabric, or paper for the flap piece.c) I used pictures my kids drew, scrapbook paper, fabric, old jeans, foam shapes, old greeting cards, etc. etc, to decorate the pouch.
    Step 4: Finishing touchesa) Weave the rest of the ribbon on the flap portion of the pouch, tie with a bow.b) Put velcro on the underneath side of the flap to secure pocket.c) Make Handle: Punch two holes above the pocket.d) Cut 12 inches of vinyl tubing, and about 16 inches of ribbon. e) Put a long piece of sturdy wire through the hole (I had to like quadruple my wimpy wire to make it strong enough) Connect ribbon to the wire. Pull ribbon through tube.f) Slip ribbon through the hole you just punched and tie a knot. Repeat for the opposite side.g) I used the same hole I used for the handle, to stick another piece of ribbon through to secure the pouch to a chair.
    I love how my Valentine's Chair Backers turned out. You can really see our individual personalities. Plus, I love the fact that next year it will be so easy to change the decorations in the Chair backers..... if I want to.
    My five year old loves to draw and loves pink!
    I thought it would be fun to do a candy heart theme, for my littlest princess!
    I used an old greeting card for the lightening McQueen. Can you tell my three year old is excited about his McQueen pouch?
    I considered using bailing twine and duct tape for my hubby, but I decided this was cuter.
    I love how mine turned out!
    However, my FAVORITE, part about this project is all of the fan mail I keep receiving in my pouch!
    I am submitting this project to Crafting With The Stars! Wish me luck, it would be so fun to learn from a Star Blogger, to help get my Blog started!

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