Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ladybird Lend a Hand: One Million Cranes

This month I am focusing on the Japan Disaster, and trying to find small ways to help all of those good people over there. I have come across an amazing project to help Japan called The One Million Cranes projects. Here is the goal of the project:

THE GOAL: Children from 1,000 US schools or groups will make 1,000 origami cranes, and contribute $1.00 for each crane they make. Together,our children will make ONE MILLION CRANES, and send one million dollars to the people of Japan.
I think this is such a great simple project, we can all participate in. This would be a fun thing to do in a church group, school, or even as a family...
Here is the steps to take if you would like to participate!
1) Register your school, group, or business here.
2) Provide origami paper. Any SQUARE paper can be used! Newspapers, classroom papers headed for the recycling bin, or wrapping paper will work.
3) Teach students to fold an origami crane, then ask that those students teach other children.
4) Ask that participants donate$1.00 for the crane they make. Each crane made will mean $1 for Japan.
5) String the finished cranes together (vertical strings of 10 cranes workwell) and hang them in your school, library, fire station, or other public building.
6) Donate all money raised (with the goal of $1,000) to the Red Cross , designated for the relief effort in Japan and given in the name of "One Million Cranes for Japan from [your school or group]."

I thought this was such a fabulous simple project... I am excited to try my hand at origami, I remember it not going so well in Elementary School!

I know I won't get anywhere close to 1,000 dollars, but I have decided I am going to give it a try with my church youth group. Pictures to follow, of our crane making experience!
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  1. That is wonderful...good luck I hope you exceed your expectations.

  2. Carlee, I really can't thank you enough for promoting this wonderful movement!!! It was started by some amazing women who live in my town, one of whom is a good friend, and I felt fairly heartbroken when I did a small post about it and had the "comment" flow go cold. I worried and wondered if I had somehow offended people by posting something other than a craft or recipe and may somehow have given the impression of being "political" or "self-serving". All I wanted to do was show some support for my friends and spread the word about their incredible, creative, and easy-to-do project for the people of Japan.

    It makes me so happy to see another blogger that I admire -- You -- also sharing this worthwhile project with others. I wish you and your youth group fun and success!

    Bless you!


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