Thursday, February 24, 2011

Highlighting Book Mark from a Paint Swatch!

Wow, this has been a crazy week! I have definitely been stretched this week, but in good ways! I thought I would share a simple (really simple) project today. Sometimes students with reading disabilities struggle to isolate words on the page, they get frustrated when they see a whole page full of words. When I taught school, I used to make window book marks all of the time... The purpose of a window book mark is to only allow the reader to focus on one word at a time, by looking at the words through your book mark window. Most of the time I would just simply make a window out of a piece of card stock and call it good. Sometimes I would get fancy and make it a highlighter bookmark like I am doing today.
I saw these paint swatches with a hole already in them at Walmart, and new they would be perfect for my daughter who is learning how to read.
These would be great book marks by themselves, but I thought it would be fun to make them highlight the words.
The Materials:
Two, paint swatches with holes
Black paper
Sharpie, in the color you would like.
I sandwiched the cellophane between two paint swatches. On one of them I put a piece of black paper in as well, so the hole would not be so big. I hot glued the two paint swatches together.
I used an orange sharpie to color the cellophane. You could also of course use, colored cellophane. And your done, easy right?
I consider this just a fun bookmark, but there is a lot of studies that suggest using color overlays can help students with reading disabilities distinguish words etc... I am in no means going to suggesting they do, but it is an easy adaption you can try if you have someone who struggles with reading. Or it can be a fun bookmark for anyone!
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  1. I used to use these when I taught 1st grade and forgot about them....I should make one for my Kindergartner. Thanks for the idea!!!!

  2. Such a great idea to help kids read. I've got the materials laying around the house, I'll have to make one for my preschooler. Thanks for sharing!

  3. That is a really cool idea. Thanks for linking up with Fun for Kids Friday.

  4. That is a fabulous idea and so easy! Thanks for linking up!

  5. What a clever idea! I love finding uses for paint chips :)

  6. When I taught 3rd grade, the kids LOVED using these, and what an easy and cheap way to make them! Love it! Thanks for linking up!

  7. I love this idea! Will have to borrow it for my kiddos at school!


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