Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ladybird Lend a Hand and WIN a Purse!

"If you can not feed a hundred people, just feed one."
~Mother Teresa

We have absolutely loved blogging the past couple months. I am so thrilled to read all of your sweet comments, and we are absolutely flattered when someone chooses to follow our blog. We love sharing our ideas, and reading about all of your incredible ideas and projects as well. Thank you so much!  However, we want this blog to be more, we would love, even in some small part to help people through this blog.

So we are now starting, Ladybird Lend a Hand. Each month we are going to highlight a charity, and find projects we can all do to help their cause. We do not have a lot of money at our disposal, but we would like to share our talents to in some way do good for others, and let you do the same if you wish

The charity we would like to highlight for March is one really near and dear to my heart. The Hartman's are a family who like mine, own and operate a family farm. They are also trying to adopt a sweet little boy Brady, who has Downs Syndrome. Brady was born in Eastern Europe, and like many children with disabilities their, was placed in an orphanage. It is common for those with disabilities in that region of the world to be transfered from orphanages to full blown mental institutions by the age of six. Brady has already been transferred. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am a special education teacher, I have had the privilege of working with so many choice individuals that have Downs Syndrome... This story really makes breaks my heart, but I am so happy their people like the Hartman's trying to help.

So what we can do to help this family, and bring Brady home? Cathy over at Cap Creations (Awesome site), is heading an awesome fundraiser for this family that we can all take part in. She is asking bloggers, and crafters, just like you and I to donate something you have made or something that is new and unused to put into a grand prize package, that will be raffled off. For more information please go here. This package will then be up for grabs to those that can make a small $5 donation to Brady's and the Hartman's adoption fund. Each $5 donation =1 entry! All of the money from the raffle will then go to help bring Brady home! If you would like to donate something act fast, you have to send your items to Cathy on or before the 28th of February.

We are going to send three Snap purses to the cause! I have had so much fun making these tape measure snap purses, you can see the full tutorial on how to make them here. If you would like to win of these beauties, and a lot of other fabulous goodies, please please give Brady a donation, and get yourself a raffle ticket! Please spread the word about this cause!

To learn more about the Hartman's visit their blog!

Carlee and Alyssa


  1. Love your Lend a Hand idea! I will be checking back often. Thank you for sharing our fundraiser with your readers and thank you for your donations!!!

  2. Sweet little guy needs a real home! What a great family! Awesome idea Carlee!


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