Friday, December 31, 2010

January is cleaning Month!

January is cleaning month, and don't you know my home NEEDS IT! Lucky for me one of my favorite blogs, Clean Mama, is devoting this month to helping us clean. I am really so excited, I have always wondered how super clean people well clean! Wish me luck, and go check out Clean Mama, and join in the fun!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Snowy Day!

I can not believe all of the snow we have been getting today! So I thought it was a perfect day to (1) Learn how to blog! (2) Complete a sewing project. SO I guess I am learning as I go on this blogging thing. Someday I hope to have an oh so cute, and stylish blog, but for now my zero followers will have to bear with me hehe.

How many of you have a stroller that looks like this? Well we have two at our house, and I thought a makeover was well overdue!! Here is the finished product.

I got a lot of help from the Crafting Chick's, and their stroller makeover found here.
I thought I would attempt to show you what I did.
1) Cut the major pieces from the stroller seat you want to remodel. (Note: Cut out the pieces about a half inch bigger then they actually are, I should have done that!) Also don't cut the straps in half if you want to use them, like I did. (Maybe I should call this post how not to remodel your doll stroller!)
2. I cut out two pieces of fabric for the same stroller so it is kind of reversable and more durable.
3. Line up the middle of both pieces that your seat is centered where it is supposed to be. I am not a huge fan of pinning fabric, but this fabric it is a pretty necessary!

4. After I sewed both layers, I then put them together. Wrong sides together, so the pretty sides were out. I then placed the ribbons in the desired locations, and did a basic stitch all around.
5. Next you should fold the underneath sides to make the pocket for the stroller legs. I totally messed up this step on the first one, so I just made additional pockets on the back, it still worked!
Here is a picture of the pockets I made for the other one I messed up: (Note: Do not try to be crafty like me and make them out of ribbon! It does not work out well. RIBBON FRAYES!)

6. Now add bias tape around the edges to make it pretty! I used single biased tape, and next time I would use double biased folded tape. I love bias tape it helps hide all of my mistakes!!

Not to shabby aye! Next time, I would not use ribbons for the straps, um they fray, and my daughter already broke them off one, so her baby dolls are now living on the wild side, and do not have a seat belt.

But best of all, I have one very happy camper!!

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