Revealing Venus Factor Reviews that will surprise you

Are you also wondering if the Venus Factor is capable of providing you with everything you need to lose a lot, if not all, excessive body fat? If it is truly that miracle solution you have been dreaming about all your life? Or is it just an outright scam by John Barban? You are about to find out..

venus factorIn the next minutes I will share the surprising results I have managed to get with the Venus Factor.

After hearing a lot about the this method from friends and reading a lot of venus factor reviews I decided to look deeply into it by trying it myself so that I can advise you and all the other readers of this blog.

There are a lot of Venus Factor Diet reviews out there of which most are very positive but I must admit that at first I was a bit skeptical. Losing weight is as you probably know not a very easy thing to accomplish. Especially if you want to maintain your new figure. Losing weight is one but keeping the pounds off is another. After combating excess body fat myself for over 5 years I have tried more diets that I can possibly remember.

95% of those Diets and weight loss programs led to nothing but a big disappointment followed by an increase in weight compared to the weight I had when I started those diets.

So as you can image, I had some serious doubt whether the Venus Factor could live up to its promises and reputation it had been getting on the internet. For all spanish speaking people, unfortunately there does not seem to a Spanish version of the Venus Factor. If you are Spanish and looking for a top class weight loss solution then I suggest you give Garcinia Cambogia a serious try (spanish version).

“Is the Venus Factor Truly capable of getting rid of all unwanted body fat?”

John Barban, the creator of the Venus Factor program claims that he can help you increase your metabolism drastically, which makes you lose all unwanted body fat. How?

By gaining control over Leptin, the hormone that has most influence on your metabolism which makes it the most important weight loss factor. If you control Leptin, you control your weight loss. At least, that is what John Barban is telling us.

After checking PubMed, the leading directory for medical research, I fortunately stumbled upon high quality scientific medical research which shows that Leptin is indeed the key to the regulation of your metabolism. You can read more about this research that validates the basics of the Venus Factor here if you are interested.

So it seems that the foundation of the method is truly legit. Leptin seems to play an extremely important role in the regulation of your metabolism. By focusing on controlling the core of your metabolism (Leptin) and therefore weight loss capabilities, the Venus Factor goes further than 99,9% of all diets and weight loss programs out there.

The question that remains, can the Venus Factor let you control your Leptin?

The answer to that question can only be found inside the program. Hence I decided to buy it, test it and review it thoroughly.

The Venus Factor Diet Plan (12 week Fat Loss & Nutrition Program)

Directly after ordering the program I received a log in that gave me access to the Cockpit.. Inside the cockpit you get access to the 12 week Venus Factor Weight Loss & Nutrition Program. It consists out of the Venus Factor PDF, a lot of video’s and the Virtual Nutritionist (which is the foundation for the Venus Factor Eating plan).

This 12 week program gives you all that you need to lose your unwanted body fat and consists out of two parts.

In the first part you will learn all you need to know about weight loss and fat removal. This part is almost completely focused on nutrition and diet. Not only will you learn how to lose weight, why the methods the Venus Factor book reveals work, but you will also learn how to keep it off.

Truth be told, there are enough crash diets that can help you get rid of 15 pounds. Unfortunately these results are temporary and throw your system out of balance resulting in a rebound weight gain.

Research shows that up to 95% of people that follow these kind of diets eventually end up with a weight rebound of whom 60% gain even extra weight.

A weight loss method that can truly keep your lost weight off is unfortunately extremely rare. The Venus Factor however claims to be the rare exception. And from experience I can tell you that it truly seems to be the rare exception they claim to be.

I hope that you realize how exceptional this is and that this is not something you come by every day. Especially when you take into account that you are able to choose your own foods and make your own meals within the Venus Factor program.

John Barban studied the rebound weight gain problem for a long time and eventually managed to develop a method that enables you to lose a lot of unwanted body fat in a way that you do not regain the weight that you have lost.

Somehow he manages to embed this method in a very simple way into the 12 week Weight loss & nutrition program. This way you can enjoy the benefits without being an expert on the subject. I must admit that he did a very good job there!

All in all, I found the 12 week Weight Loss & Nutrition program to be very easy to follow. It might be even easier to follow than the 3 week diet. I really appreciate the freedom that I’m given by being able to compose my own meals. Of course there is also the option to follow exact meal plans. Everyone that does not like to have to think about what meals they need to prepare can chose to follow the meal plans for 12 weeks.

But now of course the results. What can you accomplish with the 12 week nutrition & diet program?

“What kind of results can you realistically expect?”

I have read stories about people losing 50 pounds with the Venus Factor. But personally I did not get those results. Most likely because I did not have that much overweight. After following the 12 week program I did reach my weight loss goals by losing 34 pounds!

To be honest, it still feels surreal and I feel & almost look like I’m ten year younger again. It is amazing how liberating it feels to be so much lighter.

Anyways, back to the Venus Factor.. Because there is more!

The 2nd part of the 12 week diet & nutrition program teaches you about muscle shaping and toning. Because losing weight is one, but creating that irresistible well toned body is another!

The knowledge the 2nd part provides enables you to control the shape and look of your body entirely. Personally I did not devote myself to changing my body shape because I already love my thin and lean body now that I have lost 34 pounds, but I must admit that the material they provide you with looks impressive.

Overall, the Venus Factor system has been designed to let you achieve the maximum fat loss while also providing you with a workout program to shape and develop your muscle specifically for women.

What if you want to lose 34 pounds in less than 12 weeks?

I have good news for everyone that wants to accomplish even faster results than I did.

John Barban created the 12 week Workout program for everyone that wants to achieve maximal weight loss results even faster. Lets be clear, you do not need to follow this program to lose all unwanted body fat, but according to John Barban it can actually help you get even faster results and aid you in shaping your muscle.

I only did this workout after loosing all my unwanted body fat out of curiosity, so I can’t exactly give you any indication of its performance. However, it does seem to be a very well created workout program that is very doable and fun. I enjoyed it quite a bit and I still do some exercises from time to time for the fun of it.

The Venus Factor really leaves nothing to coincidence by the way. Every exercise has it own instruction video!

Is this program an absolute must do? No, I certainly did not need it to get the results I have been getting, but I can sure imagine that it will increase the weight loss process and help you gain more control over your body shape.

Is it any useful for men?

Many readers of our blog informed if the Venus Factor can help them as well. Unfortunately I have to disappoint you. The Venus Factor was pure based on the female metabolism. If you are a male looking to lose weight I would suggest you take a serious look at Paleo in combination with Spartagen XT. A very powerfull supplement increasing your testosterone.

“How Likely Am I to get rid of my unwanted body fat?”

Lets be honest, the Venus Factor is no magical pill that instantly grants you the perfect Victoria Secret model body. That being said, I’m absolutely blown away and believe it to be the best weight loss program on the market today by miles, especially if you keep the minimal fee in mind. Its worth every penny a hundred times over at the very least. I’ve tried way more expensive diets and weight loss solutions that did not nearly gave me the results that I’ve been getting with the Venus Factor.

It is very easy to follow if you ask me and is put perfectly together to make losing weight and keeping the lost weight off as easy as possible. My conclusion is therefor very clear, I can 100% recommend the Venus Factor to every woman that is ready to finally get rid of unwanted body fat, keep it off and live the life they truly deserve! I strongly believe that anyone can get rid of a lot if not all unwanted body fat with this extremely simple and effective method.

In order to make the Venus Factor affordable to all, poor or rich, I made sure to include a link that will enable you to get it at the absolute lowest possible price. Also you will receive a couple of amazing free bonuses that personally helped me a lot. As stated before, I do not know how long you can claim this special deal via the link below. So be sure to lock this special offer in as soon as possible if you want to be among the people that finally got rid of their unwanted body fat!

Enjoy your new body!

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